Leisure World

When people think of love the second time around, they usually think that it applies to a middle aged man or woman, who after a disappointing first marriage (or maybe an unexpected death) finds someone with an equal amount of baggage, and they fall in love. It’s unlikely that people would ever suspect that a man or woman in their 80’s could experience (or would even want to experience) love again…. But it happens. And it happened to my Nana. I’ve shared many of my favorite Nana stories and conversations here before. My most favorite was when she called me to tell me she couldn’t find her Yahoo… (Stick with ...Read More
For those of you that have been following PD for a little while, you will recall that my Nana is a big part of my life and has certainly been a source for “material.” While she does live in a retirement village called Leisure World replete golf carts, club houses and sloped curbs (god forbid someone trips), she really isn’t your typical 80 year old Grandma. In fact, this year, she’s already been to Ireland and Las Vegas (both equally important destinations) and in a couple weeks, she’s going to Africa with a friend for a 3 weeks. What’s even more impressive, is that she is a very talented artist ...Read More
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Baby-Ko, who is now 16 months old, is ob-SESSED with lights. I don’t even know when or how it started but he loves to turn them off and on. I partially blame myself, T-Ko and all of his grandparents for enabling this somewhat annoying,  Rain-Man-esque fascination. We are obviously the ones lifting him up to turn these switches on and off, and if we had just said “no” months ago, we might not have to ask restaurant managers if we can play with their chandeliers when Baby-Ko starts to meltdown. (Okay, it’s not that bad, but trust me. I have come very close to asking ...Read More
8:45am. My phone rings. It’s DH. I try to sound like I’m not sleeping, but I am. Baby-Ko was UP for the day at 5am and went down for an early morning  nap. Subsequently, mommy went down for a nap then too.  DH tells me that he has some news he thinks I may want to hear….  MICHAEL BUBLE IS NOW SINGLE.   “Seriously?” I say. “Yes, just heard it. Thought you may get a kick out of that. Sorry I woke you.” “No. That’s okay. This is so exciting.” “I figured you could blog about it.” “Oh, I will. And I’ll also have to figure out what to do about T-Ko,” I joke… Kind of. ...Read More
This past weekend, my Nana drove up from Leisure World (a lovely retirement community down in Laguna) to see Baby-Ko. Sunday, happened to mark my Papa’s yarzheit so it was nice for her to spend the day with me and the baby, my Mom and Aunt N as well. Nana: So, I have announcement. Mom: What?Nana: I went on a date.All: What??! With who??Nana: His name is H. We’ve sat next to each other at temple for years. His wife died 6 weeks ago.Me: Six weeks ago?? Jesus. Isn’t that a little fast?Nana/Aunt: ...Read More