high school

September 9, 1990. Two days before I turned 14…. Cut-off jeans. Check. Mac Lipstick. Color “Twig.” Check. Loose white pocket tee from GAP. Check. Crimped hair (with the “big” setting and big bangs.) Check. White push down socks. Check. Friendship bracelets. Check. The first day/time I ever got my period. Check and check. #TBT
When I started writing this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t hold back. I would say what was on my mind (kind of) and speak the truth (sometimes). I promised myself that no matter how lame a thought might be, and how isolated I may be in my view point, that I would still say it. I would write for myself and not for “the people.” “You should at least use spell check,” my Mom would say. “And at least use proper grammar…” “What’s wrong with my grammar?” “….And you shouldn’t say words like ‘vagina.’ “ “Okay, Mom.” “….Or ‘dude.’ I hate ‘dude….'” OMG, dude. I get it. Why does mom gotta ...Read More