Monday Manners

When it comes to invitations of any kind, I do try to take some consideration when it comes to RSVPing. Ironically, I pulled a big RSVP “no no” just yesterday. Weeks ago, I had responded “Yes” to a 1st birthday party. Apparently, I had also responded “Yes” to plans to go to the Zoo with the entire family. DUH. Today, Lisa Gache of Beverly Hills Manners and I discuss RSVP etiquette… clearly, I need to heed my own advice! > Manners Monday: RSVP! from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s RSVP Tips! Ø Keep Track of Your Invites. Once you receive an invitation, you should RSVP within 24-48 hours of its receipt. This system helps to ...Read More
> Manners Monday: Do You Have FOMO? from lisagache on Vimeo. According to a recent NY Times article, social media can induce feelings of being alone, left out, a loser… It’s called FOMO. Fear of missing out. And personally, every time I see a #hashtag for a fab event (that I haven’t been invited to), or a best/funniest/charming blogger of the world list published (that I’m not on), my FOMO sets in. Oh, and don’t get me started on the facebook status updates spewing marital bliss or tropical vacations for weeks on end. One word: FOMO! Well, Lisa Gache, my partner in all things manners, and I got to chatting about ...Read More
We have all sat across the table from a loved one, or worse, a coworker, and squirmed as we watched them merrily go about their meal, unaware of the massive piece of broccoli covering their front tooth. Should you tell them they have something in their teeth?? Would you want someone telling YOU there was green in your grill? The always lovely, (and seldom sloppy) Lisa Gache and I tackled these issues and more in today’s episode…. > Manners Monday: Life’s Embarrassing Moments from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s Manners Tips for Life’s Embarrassing Moments: Ø Tell them about it. Whether it’s a piece of spinach in the teeth or a toilet seat cover ...Read More
When one thinks of manners, they don’t often think of APPEARANCE as registering on the “rude richter scale.” But when you really think about it, it kind of makes sense. Your outward appearance speaks volumes and often sets the tone for how YOU feel about yourself…. And we all know the saying… if you don’t feel good about yourself, no one else will…. Well, today my partner Lisa Gache and I explore this subject and talk about why maybe my mom uniform of yoga pants and an American Apparel pullover is sending the wrong message… > Manners Monday Appearance from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s Tips: Ø Moms, set your alarm so you ...Read More
I would say my right hand has tingled, gone numb, and/or ached off and on for the last two years or so. Though I am plagued by hypochondria, this is one ailment I’m certain isn’t fatal… Unless of course you start thinking about the radiation that could be permeating into my brain or ears or hand… But I digress… No. My finger/hand/arm issue/disease is entirely impart to an electronic device/appendage that takes pictures (HD ones, at that), video chats, houses thousands of songs and useless games, and tells me where in Africa I can find a Starbucks. I live for my iPhone. And my fingers pay for it. As do my ...Read More
> Manners Monday: Road Rage! from lisagache on Vimeo. Many months ago, I was driving with Jonah and running late (as usual). We pulled up at a stop light and though the light was green, the car in front of me decided to slow down and virtually stop. I laid on my horn and without thinking said, “GO! DOUCHE!” Sure enough, not two seconds later, a little gold fished crusted mouth, as if he were driving himself, blurted “Gooooo. Douuuuuuuuuuuuuuche!” Oops. There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to setting a good example of manners for Jonah, I have two unfortunate things working for me: I swear like a truck driver, ...Read More
Manners were a big part of my childhood. From no elbows on the table to thank you notes, my mom was a big, big stickler for manners. “Thank you for the birthday gift…” “Thank you for inviting me to your miniature golf party…” “Thank you for coming to my Bat Mitzvah…” You get the gist. Me & My Grandfather Ralph (“Papa”) circa 1987 en route to a Cotillion dance I believe that now, my behavior, thanks to a 3 1/2 year old sponge with an already saucy vernacular, is crucial. And though I am certainly not the poster child for all things manners and etiquette, my lovely book writing partner Lisa Gache ...Read More