I recently started blogging for a fantastic website called GalTime. Thought I’d share with you a post I wrote about being a single mom and how it’s all too easy to live in “woe is me” land. While I certainly wouldn’t consider myself the poster child for single mothers everywhere (as all of our journeys are so very different), I will say that I think my advice, though simple and very literal, could help ease some of the anxieties that all moms face- single, separated, divorced, dating or happily hitched. Looking forward to your thoughts…. **** Single Moms: How to Minimize the “Woe is Me” By Jennifer Brandt on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 While the ...Read More
Last weekend, a friend of mine told me that as a parting gift at a child’s birthday party, her 2 year-old son was given a goldfish. I had 3 responses, consecutively: #1) Are you fucking serious?! #2) Wow. That’s cool. #3) Did they give you a bowl? No… she said. They did not. No bowl. They just handed her a fish IN A BAG, and said thanks for coming. That was it. I tried to spin it in my mind… Perhaps that was a clever and cool alternative to Silly Bandz, candy, or some chatchke from Oriental Trading Company (seriously, spare me the junk people). But I never was really able to decide how ...Read More
When’s the last time you looked in the mirror, and saw those dark circles under your eyes as a status symbol– a beautiful indication of the hours you put into your family and life, instead of a sign of exhaustion and stress? Or when’s the last time you looked down at your breasts (literally DOWN at your breasts, as they now fall below the equator) and considered their (dis)placement as a rite of passage, instead of “the shitty thing about breastfeeding?” OR when’s the last time you looked at your ass in your not skinny jeans but alllmost 2 sizes CLOSER to the skinny jeans, and thought it looked perfectly ...Read More
If the inside of a woman’s purse is the window to her soul, then I am very much screwed. It dawned on me the other day as I reached down into my once beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, that my purse has now become a laboratory for filth… an endless abyss of coins (not the kind that help at a meter), leaky pens, tampons (that scream toxic shock), and crumbs from snacks that look like they’ve gone through the food processor…. I’m scared to reach inside. I’m scared of my own purse. I don’t quite know how I have become LITERALLY a crazy bag lady…. But I have. Want a ...Read More
As mentioned a few weeks ago, I have officially become a single mom. This change in status not only comes with a slew of complex emotions and sadly, hairier legs, but also an onslaught of incessant mommy guilt…. which, as a working parent, who happens to work in the world of parenting, it can feel a little overwhelming. So, with a 2.5 year old little boy, my sensitivity level to what might ultimately eff him up for life (due to said divorce) is at an all time high… That said, I think it’s gone too far and Baby-Ko knows it. The kid is playing me. He hears the guilt ...Read More