April, 2012

Some exciting news…. This Month, I/We are moving. New home, new school, new area, new set up… Lots of changes taking place and lots of planning that will need to go in to it. For starters: How to consolidate and merge two homes into one. No need for two couches, two dining room tables, or extra electronics that will never be used… SO, there is going to be some serious selling that is going to take place. I have been doing a lot of research (as a buyer) on furniture listed on eBay and am so pleasantly surprised to see how many “stores” there are selling new and quite affordable ...Read More
I don’t know when Jonah’s interest in playing with my iPhone went from downloading alphabet games and shape sorters, to downloading Angry Birds and fondue maker (don’t ask), but it happened. And happened fast… Just weeks ago, my son was throwing around the word “download” and “install” like nothin’, now he’s asking me to actually PAY for the app (I guess he can read “Free”?) When he discovered Angry Birds had various levels, and you need to pay more for certain ones (I think…..?) he begged me to get it for him.  But at $7.99, I paused…  Wait. WAIT! First of all, I need to set some limits on how much ...Read More
Yup. This pretty much sums it up.
Spring is here… So ’tis time to purge some of mama’s wardrobe and make some extra cashola so I can pay for the cute striped maxi that I haaaaaaaad to have. (It’s important to be current, isn’t it?) So, as they say, “out with the old, in with the new.” I considered having a garage sale but with eBay at my finger tips and a knack on selling, I figured it was worth a shot to list some things in my closet that I think are cute for Spring, (see below) and in perfect condition- some even NEW WITH TAGS, that just aren’t fitting me right anymore. With visions of ...Read More
I don’t know when it happened but these days, I cannot look into a mirror to see what I look like. It’s like I see the reflection, but I don’t really see it…. So what do I do? I take a picture. (Before you really start to call me ca-razy, know that I only do this when I’m trying to decide on an outfit for something really important…. As if that makes any sense or is any better). do actually like my body (most days) and feel good about myself (a lot). So I’m not sure this is about some deep seeded disorder or insecurity…. I’m wondering if digital ...Read More