no time

As I closed Baby-Ko’s door, I glanced at the clock and the “how much time do I have until he wakes up from his nap” game began. My to-do list is never ending, yet not enough drip from Starbucks could cure my exhaustion. Take a nap or take a trip to the grocery store? Take a nap or write? Take a nap or put away laundry? Take a nap or spend time with my husband? It’s always about trying to find the balance and choosing between me, someone, or something else. I remembered what Dr. Karen Hill-Scott, Early Childhood and Development Consultant for Baby Einstein had to say: THERE IS ...Read More
As I sat at my desk, desperate to conquer some of my ever-growing, never diminishing “To Do List,” I realized IT WASN’T GONNA HAPPEN.  It was 1:30. I hadn’t even showered,  I hadn’t eaten lunch, and I certainly hadn’t called the woman to “handle the thing” (I assume in every marriage, someone always is obligated to call someone about “the thing.” Right?) I climbed out of the chair and sank to the floor,  strewn with random “toys” from my office… a remote control, a roll of tape, an old calculator and a giant stuffed Elmo.  I turned to Baby-Ko. He squinted and smiled from ear to ear. Finally, Mama. Didn’t you realize ...Read More