Let it Snow at the Four Seasons Westlake! Last weekend my cute crew and I headed to the Four Seasons Westlake for their annual ‘Let it Snow’ holiday event. A family favorite year after year, the ‘Let it Sow’ event features a holiday wonderland with festive bounce houses, train rides, professional photos with Santa, cookie decorating and more. Oliver went completely nuts for the “More” portion: ELMO and COOKIE MONSTER. Need I say more? (Literally). No seriously, brilliant move on the event team’s part— nothing says holiday happiness more than those two characters. They don’t even need to be dressed in an ugly holiday sweater. That’s how loved they are. When you ...Read More
For my family, Christmas day is all about food and movies, movies and food. Traditionally, we gather at someone’s house in the morning, drink endless amounts of coffee and mimosas and eat my mom’s famous egg and cheese soufflé. Oh, and bagels too. Because you can never have enough carbs after you’ve had Chinese food on Christmas Eve. After we stuff ourselves (again), we head off to the movies (You don’t think we go empty handed do you? Please, we stuff candy and cookies into our purses like little old ladies who save Sugar packets). Tradition, people! Tradition! One year, for a holiday celebration, I had to bring Star of David-shaped  cheese sandwiches to Jonah’s preschool ...Read More
Day 7 Well… I had every intention of taking little J to see “Tangled” this morning (his first movie in a theater), but I figured the other moms/children would not appreciate sneezes and snot rocketed in to the air without any attempt to shield from others. And since it was the morning of Christmas Eve, I worried that his cold might eventually reveal itself as a rip roaring infection of some sort– so I decided it would be best if we went to the doctor just in case. Yup. Just a bad cold. So, we ended up spending the day at home relaxing and were later joined by family and friends ...Read More
Day 5 We did it. We made Sugar cookies. I planned on using the mixture/ cookie kit from Trader Joe’s, but of course at the last minute discovered I needed parchment paper which I didn’t have. Fortunately, I remembered I had an old Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in the cabinet (see, I do have intentions of being a good (divorced) housewife). My shirtless sous chef was a delight to work with…. And very good with his hands…. But not so into the decorating part…. He lost interest pretty quickly and was more than ready to try the goods. Why do I find it so ironic that the Christmas tree is decorated and the ...Read More
Okay, so I’m back(ish). While the details are still being ironed out, I am happy to announce that I am once again EMPLOYED. (I would say that I’m “gainfully employed” but as you know, I sometimes use words incorrectly, so I’ll just stick to the basics just in case that’s not actually what I am). I am now writing for a fantastic website called With so many people in and out for the holidays, it’s an awkward time to be starting a job. But on the plus side, it means more caramel popcorn out of a giant tin for me. (BTW, ever try caramel corn and cheese corn ...Read More