farmers market

A couple months ago, I was approached by Stacie of One Hungry Mama to take on a recipe swap. After making Stacie’s spiced up latkes and confessing that just weeks prior, I nearly burnt my kitchen down thanks to an inability to toast bread, I started to feel like I needed to spend more time in the kitchen. After all, cooking is therapeutic and I of course want to make dishes that my son loves because it’s something only his mom can make. (I’ve come to terms that my meatloaf or spaghetti sauce won’t win awards). The point is, I want to cook more. Expose Jonah to more fruits and veggies ...Read More
I’ve always thought it was strange when people talk about babies and children by saying  “oh, it’s such a great age…” or “that was the best age…” It makes me sad– as if Baby-Ko turning 24 one day won’t be as special as him turning 2. But after I saw these photos that T-Ko took over the weekend, I kind of understood that “aww, enjoy this right now” thing that people do.  I get it…  Seeing these DOES make me want to stop and relish in every second of every minute RIGHT NOW.   I probably won’t be able to carry him when he’s 24, but I can still explore the world ...Read More
When we got to the Studio City Farmer’s Market yesterday, I was feeling pretty good. T-Ko and I had our double-shots on ice in hand, Baby-Ko was in great spirits and I was feeling sort of cute ( for not having taken a shower), dressed in a long maxi dress and scarf in my hair. Walking through the stalls, bumping into all the cute LA Mommies & Daddies and their little Chloe’s and Max’s as we search for asparagus under 3 bucks, I felt in my element. As I stood at the gate of the pony rides with Baby-Ko, pointing out that “the horse says ‘nayyy!’,” a Tall Daddy, taking ...Read More