December, 2012

It’s going fast…. this train. But I am definitely on board. It’s hard to believe that during this “don’t blink for a second” year, so much has happened. Not stuff, but moments. Memories. Changes. My LIFE. Let’s see… In 2012, in no particular order… 1) I learned to surf. 2) I moved myself, my son, (and everything but the couch) in with my boyfriend to a new home. (His couch was much, much better than ours).  3) I traveled to the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere and held the hands of extremely sick children. (Will be able to fully discuss this life altering adventure in a few more months). 4) I saw Bruce ...Read More
This is hardly the first post about what happened last Friday… Hardly the first post, by a “mom blogger” about frustration and fear…. Hardly the first post about a citizen of this country feeling stuck and helpless, yet restless and eager for change IMMEDIATELY… And it’s hardly the first anything that can change the fact that 6 brave adults aren’t alive to build a better future and that 20 beautiful babies are no longer playing on a yard at recess, or learning to read and write, or creating art that would have ultimately ended up on an already cluttered fridge, or becoming the “when I grow ...Read More
This is what happens when 5 year-olds get to “recoup” at grandma’s house (aka “Mimi”).Her robe. Her belt. Some random stick. And a request to make his hair look “just like Luke’s.” Priceless. (Tomorrow he goes back to school).
As I’ve mentioned recently, it’s safe to say that at age 36, I am who I am. The quirks, traits, and possibly even fates are likely sealed and determined.  But after a very special and life-changing trip last week to a foreign country, (a trip in which I cannot talk about until April 2013, but am BURSTING at the seams to share), I have a little more drive to “fix myself…” To be better. To feel better. To heal. And to accept the things I cannot change…. It’s amazing what a little perspective and time away can do… Everyone has something they wish they were better at, so I know I’m not ...Read More