Plane ride

Aloha! We just got back from a beautiful week in Maui for Dirty Uncle P and Auntie J’s wedding. It was awesome. The wedding, the weather, the family and friends…. it was a blast. I can’t say that I am coming back relaxed, but I definitely am coming back exhausted which is a sign that I had a great time… So as you know by now, I hate birds. But now that Baby-Ko can actually say the word “Bird” (well, it sounds more like “burr”),  I feel like I have to stifle my desire to scream and run when those nasty little creatures fly by or land near me. When I ...Read More
Greetings from Maui. We arrived yesterday afternoon after a seriously delightful plane ride with Baby-Ko. I mean, literally, the kid did not make a peep the entire time. He was smiley and sweet and flirting and making friends with everyone he could. He slept through take off AND landing (just like his mommy). Needless to say, T-Ko and I felt beyond relieved by the time we landed and were ready to book our next vacation based on our little gem’s behavior. Of course, now the time change thing has kicked in… and with naps, sleep, and even poops all out of whack, our little guy is a tad fussy. But it’s ...Read More