Who knew that getting rid of clothes that scream “final days of 90210!” and buying a few new duds that scream “WEAR ME” could stir up something big in me? The fashion makeover/wardrobe overhaul a few weeks ago that rocked the nation (okay, maybe just my nation) seriously revved up my design senses from head to toe, inside and out. It made me think not just about my own appearance, but the design or lack thereof, that’s going on in my home. I’ve been divorced for 2 years, living in an apartment with so much potential and beauty, yet have done nothing about it. I live here, yet I don’t. I haven’t. I haven’t settled in. Caught up in work, boy(s) (young and old), and finances, I haven’t made this my home and invested in it’s style.

But THEN I organized my closet, threw on a couple of fab new accessories and something changed. My dear friend, Rebecca Orlov of Loving.Living.Small. was here for the process… As she surveyed my apartment and all it’s white wall glory, she got me thinking about how I could better use my space. Rebecca has come up with a fabulous new series called Design Cycle and right now, I am seriously in a CYCLE. I have great space. Some decent furniture. A huge desire to decorate and LIVE here, but I am on a SERIOUS budget.
Well, Rebecca help me come up with a few simple solutions for the time being that not only maximized my space, but would really make this place feel designed (even without a new pillow from Dwell Studio… currently being shipped… but I digress).
For starters, I switched my son’s room completely around. I moved his bed, which is now actually a big boy bed (that story to come) to the other side of the wall (away from the loud neighbors).
I also completely went through his toys which also needed an overhaul. (Really, he’s 3.5. Does he need a teether in the same bin as his “shooter gun?!”)
I organized his baskets of toys which I moved to another side of the living room and also moved his easel into his “art corner.”
The biggest change was moving my dining room table OUT of the actual dining room and in to my living room. (see above) I have a huge window- why not use it?! AND why not turn the dining room into my office AND a little area for Jonah. (I moved his little table and chairs in there too so that he can “do his work” (aka, art, stickers, playdough etc), while I work (yah, good luck).
This is still very much a work in progress but I feel so very excited and hopeful. I haven’t felt like this in a long time and it feels great. Stay tuned for more updates, including the new couch that is beyond needed and a few DIY projects that I have planned.
Fun fun fun. Send cash.
Click HERE to see Rebecca’s post about this Design Cycle!
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  1. Friday, April 29th, 2011
    so fun! I find it weird that doing something to change your look (clothes wise) can lead to such inspiration to change your house, but it totally does!

    I recently went blonde, and it has really affected my dressing - more accesories, better outfits, etc; and now I am completely obsessed with actually decorating our house, too. We were also just living in this space - I had done nothing to amp it up at all, always thinking it was too big a job because we need all new furniture, and floors, and etc etc etc. but now I've started making little changes - new fabric for pillows, repainting and covering the seat of a chair, and it looks so much better! plus, I'm having a ton of fun, which is even more important! Can't wait to see what else you do to your space - it looks great so far!
  2. Friday, April 29th, 2011
    I totally get the connection. Both one's appearance and one's home say a lot about who you are as a person. When I look sloppy, I feel sloppy. Same with my house - when it's looking better, I feel better. Good luck with the Revolution!
  3. Saturday, April 30th, 2011
    I think that there are very few things that can get me as excited and charged up about life as a renovation of myself....internally or externally, though the two are very intertwined.

    I redid my children's playroom this weekend and it felt like I redid my life. I love seeing it. I love that I put something adorable together. I have a few other things to hang before I throw it on my blog for people to see, but I love feeling excited about something I created.

    You apartment looks great. Have fun with the transformation!