The day Robin Saperstein of High Heel in a Haystack contacted me about doing a Fashion Makeover, I was convinced we were having a kharmic, psychic fashion connection. Here I was, having just shot a video on how Appearances matter when it comes to Manners and how my American Apparel pullover and Lululemon yoga pants could take my son to preschool on their own if need be– and an LA based, celebrity stylist and former designer contacts me about working together…?! Well, to quote Lady Bananas: I. DIE.

The deal was Robin was going to come over and give me a Wardrobe Overhaul. Together, we would examine my wardrobe from top to bottom. We would remove pieces that no longer worked, and discover how I can wear existing items in new ways. Based on my lifestyle and individual needs, we’d discuss what items I’d need to purchase to complete my wardrobe. After that (4 hour session!) we’d pick a day to go shopping (2 hours!). Talk about getting off on the right “heel!”
Okay, so Robin and I talk. What I’ll need: 1) To leave my closet the way it is. Clothes hanging on wire hangers, stained shirts in drawers inside out (ie. as is), jewelry everywhere, shoes everywhere. 2) NEW hangers. Robin suggested I purchase the Real Simple Slimline Hangers– they hold even the silkiest of tops and look fabulous in a closet. (I ordered the white). She also suggested I have trash bags standing by so that I could bag old stuff to donate or sell. 3) Wear a Nude bra (and charming underwear – I added this), as we will try EVERYTHING on. DONE.
So last week, Robin showed up and honestly, it kind of was love at first site. Of course her style was ADORE but she also came with a wardrobe rolling rack which would be used to organize and determine what stays, goes, and needs some serious consideration. She meant business!
Joining us, was my dear friend Rebecca Orlov of Loving Living Small, who was covering the Overhaul from the design perspective– Obviously, an overhaul means brand new closet, new space, new style and new inspiration! The minute we started, I could feel the new, old me dying to come out!!!
And now… The overhaul…. OY. Where do I begin. We started with my drawers and with the exception of my underwear and bras, went through everything and determined what could get tossed and what would stay. As you can imagine, there were many a “house pant” that got bagged….
Speaking of pants… UM. Let’s take a moment to tip my 40 to a slew of jeans that have seen it all. From my first pair of 7 for All Mankind Jeans…
Yah, apparently the no-pocket thing was cool 9 years ago….
….To my first (and only) pair of True Religion Jeans…
Ladies, when pockets are pulling, your hips look large and in charge.
….To a pair of white jeans that still have the tags on it….
Two words: Camel T- (You get the Picture).
…To my beloved Rock N Republic Jeans, that I could have SWORN would be a keep…
At this point, I prayed to God to wire me cash.

I also said goodbye to Paige Jeans, James Jeans, oh, and a barely worn pair of Hudsons…. But you know what, this was the easiest break up I ever had.

Why: Robin. I trusted her. I trusted the process
. While there were many things that got an automatic “Take it off” or “NO,” Robin carefully examined me in my clothes and explained why it wasn’t working and how we could move forward or revamp a look.

Obviously, it was my call to keep the things that I loved or wear all the time. Like this hoodie (Right), which wasn’t exactly cheap. Personally, I think it’s fine. Robin said the print is too young for me. Rebecca said it was very Real Housewives of Orange County (Yah, so?). Hard to believe, but I’m pretty sure that was the only thing I kept despite their feedback.
In fact, there were many awesome discoveries along the way… For example, when I threw on an Old Navy long sleeve cotton dress BACKWARDS (that I would have bet $1000 bucks on that she would vomit over), she stopped me– “Leave it backwards for a sec….,” Robin said. One pair of black t-strap sandals and cute jewelry (MY cute jewelry) later- I had a total look!
By turning the dress backwards, we made a darling boat neck line with a scoop in the back. The length is short, but my legs, I think, (with a good self tanner) can handle it. Even better, I don’t have to suck in for this. (Speaking of sucking in, the first thing I purchased post overhaul was a yummy tummie tank. More on this later).
In addition to my clothes, we tackled my shoes… OY. My shoes. It wasn’t too terribly difficult to bag most of them, and I appreciate her letting me keep my cowboy boots circa 2001. (You never know when you might need to put together a little cowgirl outfit… Right?) Going through shoes was pretty painless- though there was one pair I couldn’t part with…ones that I wore to my 10 year high school reunion…. That night, I wore an Express, plain black wrap dress (that I already had), but invested in these fab tweed and suede Gunmetal heels. At about $400, I considered them an investment and statement… Shoes that would make heads turn… I’m not sure that anyone looked or cared, but I felt fabulous that night…. 7 years later, the tweed is tearing and the suede is scuffed, but I just can’t say goodbye… Those are a keep.
Four hours may sound like a lot of time, but let me tell you. We could have gone on for 4 MORE hours! My closets looked amazing (we still have to tackle my jewelry, belts, scarves, and purse collection– Oh, when it comes to style, Robin leaves no accessory unturned!) The next step: SHOPPING. We put together one of two outfits, like the Old Navy tee, based on what I had in my wardrobe already, but now we need fill in the holes. (This post was written before our shopping excursion. Stay tuned for Part 2!)
I seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about Robin and this experience. First of all, how AWESOME to get the chance to work with someone who was recently mentioned on Ryan Seacrest morning show, or styles celebrities like Denise Richards, and has been a guest stylist for giving her best and worst dressed for the 2011 Oscars! Secondly, as a woman who loves fashion but is so overwhelmed in life, I needed this!!! I want to feel good about myself ALL the time- not just when I have a babysitter and get to shower. This overhaul helped me get centered in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time and discover things about myself and body that I wasn’t aware of… Like the fact that everything I own is perfect for a day at the beach. Um. Yeah.
Join me at the Lucky Shops LA event this week to shop ’til we drop! Use promo code “PERFECT” for 10% off on tickets!

**Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 when I share details about what we bought, the looks we put together, and my newly organized and gorgeous closet!**
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  1. Rina
    Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
    Lucky you...I'm so jealous. Glad you enjoyed the experience.
  2. Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
    so much fun!!! I die reading this post!
  3. Jen Levinson
    Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
  4. Thursday, April 7th, 2011
    OMG - so much fun! I need 4 hours like this. . .
  5. Thursday, April 7th, 2011
    I think you might have just inspired me to at least go through my own closet a little more closely.

    I will now also be trying on all clothes backwards, just in case there is a miracle there in that I'm not aware of yet. That dress looked adorable!

    This sounds like a fabulous process. Now if only I could afford to have her come to Austin to help me.
  6. Sunday, April 10th, 2011
    Oh, I would love to do that!!
  7. Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

    i... i just.... i can't even... you got... all the...

    and what about... the...

    I. DIE.
  8. Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
    Very jealous! I so need this to happen to my closet. Helps that I did pack up half of my clothes that I can't fit into right now because I am pregnant. But I know that this needs to happen after the baby comes. I am excited to see Part 2 and 3!!
  9. Monday, April 25th, 2011
    This was such a fun post (as is Part 2). We are DYING to do have someone do this to our closet. We just wanted to let you know we included it as one of our favorite posts of the week - even though it's more than a week old, we've been fantasizing of having this done to our closet so much we had to share with everyone we know.