I have a new theory. After my wardrobe overhaul, I realized my clothes had more of a personality than I thought. It occurred to me today as I went to put on a newly styled outfit, that my clothes had voices and lives a la Toy Story… I had this vision that every time I opened the closet door, my oldest and most pilled sweater prayed for me to put it on…. My old jeans, slumped over some hanger, knowing their days were numbered and I was just keeping them around for sentimental purposes, probably muttered “F you” under it’s breath as I pushed them aside for my skinny jeans… A pair of gold wedges, that maybe got worn ONCE, shot out their best sparkle in hopes I’d see their value. Alas, they were as cheesy as I thought they might be when I bought them (anyway).

Which brings me to…
The New, Old Me- Part 2: THE LOOKS

Okay, so after 4 plus hours at my house with Robin Saperstein, the stylist who I might slightly be Single White Femaling, we set a date to hit the stores. OH, and did we hit it hard….

When Robin shops for/ with clients, she’s on a mission. After looking through my wardrobe she had a clear idea of what I needed and what would work well with my body. Our goal was to find clothes that I could wear from day to night… clothes that could be worn on a play date, dinner date and even on camera. I let Robin pull everything and anything…

Stationed in a massive dressing room, and wearing my nude (“charming”) underwear and much-in-need of a wash (trash) nude bra, the trying on began…. Oh, there were plenty of automatic NO’s. Like this …

I like to call this look “Whore-y Chic.” I think my cracked out look really seals the deal doesn’t it?

Once we had our final faves, (we went to two stores- Niemans & JCrew), keeping in mind with our budget, we purchased our must-have/ LOVES. And then….. Back at my house, ROBIN DID HER MAGIC. Using my new clothes and many of my old clothes, Robin shopped my wardrobe and put together THE LOOKS. Here are some of my favorites:

A From-Day-to-Night look:
Blouse, Joie (new), Shorts, JCrew (new), Shoes, Steve Madden (old), Necklace, JCrew (new)


Cardigan, Lily McNeal (old), Shorts, JCrew (new), Wedges, Stuart Weitzman (new), Jewelry, JCrew (new)

Great looks for Everyday (Play date, running errands, movies, etc)….

LEFT: Sweater, JCrew (new), Necklace, Forever 21 (old), Bracelets, JCrew (new), Jeans, J Brand (old), Shows, Dolce Vita (old)
MIDDLE: Tee Shirt, Anat B. (new), Scarf, Banana Republic (new), Cargo pants, JCrew (new), Shoes, Steve Madden (old)
RIGHT: Cardigan, JCrew (new), Tee Shirt, JCrew (old), Necklace, JCrew (new), Jeans, J Brand (old), Shoes, Sam Edelman (old)
And finally, a couple NEW Looks repurposing only OLD clothes:
LEFT: Cardigan, Forever 21, Tank, Anthropologie, Jeans, Flying Monkey (Anat B.), Wedges, Steve Madden
RIGHT: Jacket, JCrew, Striped Tee, Gap, Jeans, Flying Monkey (Anat B.), Wedges, Steve Madden

Clearly, there were a few “toys” that got to stay. The ripped JBrand skinnies, my brown wedges… They’re my Woody and Buzzes… Pieces that I’ll grow old with…. Or at the very least, grow

out of….

Stay tuned for the final installment to this process, my closet! Thanks to Robin of High Heel in a Haystack and Rebecca of Love Live Small, you’ll be inspired to Design Cycle too!
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  1. Kristin Sundberg
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    I love these looks! Especially LOVE that red and white striped sweater, it works so well with the other pieces! I could really use a spring makeover for my closet too. Thanks for inspiring me to try and clear our some of my "old" stuff and try some new things.
  2. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Ok, I don't even know Robin, but I have a little bit of a SWF crush on her. You look fabulous and I love seeing how she kept things simple and practical, but very hip.

    Love it.

    You think she wants to come hang out with me in Austin?
  3. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    You look adorable in everything! And you also look very tiny and like a teenager. I fear that next to you ,I might look like an amazonian old lady:)LOL I think you need to get the orange dress, you know in case you need some extra walking around money!XO
  4. Sunday, April 17th, 2011
    I adore the yellow sweater! I am here from Fabulous Five Friday and really like your blog. You look great!
  5. Friday, April 22nd, 2011
    What fun! I've dreamt of having someone do this for me. You came away with some great outfits there. Put-together without trying too hard. They also look realistic, things someone could be comfortable wearing (when taking care of kids, no less). Every time I look through my closet now I keep thinking of your posts...
  6. Friday, April 20th, 2012
    You're such a stunner!