April, 2011

We have all sat across the table from a loved one, or worse, a coworker, and squirmed as we watched them merrily go about their meal, unaware of the massive piece of broccoli covering their front tooth. Should you tell them they have something in their teeth?? Would you want someone telling YOU there was green in your grill? The always lovely, (and seldom sloppy) Lisa Gache and I tackled these issues and more in today’s episode…. > Manners Monday: Life’s Embarrassing Moments from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s Manners Tips for Life’s Embarrassing Moments: Ø Tell them about it. Whether it’s a piece of spinach in the teeth or a toilet seat cover ...Read More
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Two actually! Two winners to Lucky Shops LA VIP event on Thursday, April 7th. Winner #1: WENDY! Wendy said: “Recently RIF’d (layed off) elementary teacher needs spirit and wardrobe perked up.” (Well, Wendy, nothing like a little retail therapy to perk you up!”) Winner #2: @hautebride (*Winners: Please contact me via my contact form, to send me your name and email address so I can get you details and tickets!) Thank you all for your lovely comments, Retweets and follows! It’s Thank you to everyone who entered– it’s still totally possible for you all to come and shop! They have current and off-season styles up to 70% ...Read More