I must confess: Up until last week, though I was fairly interactive and engaged in conversations through social media, I never considered my “followers” my actual friends. Sure, I told them about the silly fart and poop talk my 3 yo spews, but would I tell them about the serious conversation I have with my loved ones? NO. Sure, I uploaded adorable pictures of us having a lovely Mommy & Me baking session, but would I share a picture or video of him tantruming and me losing my mind? NO. Sure, I’ve declared how hard I worked out, but would I declare how much weight I want to lose? NO. It’s private! And for private matters, I have my FRIENDS. My FAMILY. My THERAPIST. My TRIBE.

But then last week, my feelings changed… Glancing through my twitter feed I got immersed in a conversation…. Gripped by a story…. A blogger, Summer Stone had written a suicide note on her blog. Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt reading it… (Which BTW, just minutes after I read it, it was pulled from her site). Thankfully, Summer’s attempt failed. I don’t know the details of her attempt and actually don’t know much about this mother of 3 or her blog. (To my knowledge, she is in treatment and doing okay). But what I do know is that there was a community that heard her and prayed for her. There were women, perhaps strangers, terrified and touched that reached out to authorities… In a moment of crisis, of seriousness, she did have a community. She was surrounded by a tribe who echoed her heartache and understood just how troubled she was.
Though I am a single mom, I am certainly not alone. I have a support system in every sense of the word. Loving parents, delicious and sweet friends, an incredible therapist, and a nanny that saves my life on a daily basis. I have a village within a ten mile radius. I’m very, very blessed. But now I realize my tribe is even stronger and connected than I had imagined. I discussed the importance of tribe this week with Leslie Gail of newmomfocus.com and Heather Spohr thespohrsaremultiplying.com on Momversation. Who makes up YOUR tribe?
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  1. Monday, April 25th, 2011
    Great piece! I totally believe in my online tribe.With living in a city where I have no family and only a handful of friends who all work, and a husband who is out of town 5 days a week, I totally have to count on my online friendships to bounce things off of and give support and advice.I have made wonderful friendships online and count myself lucky to have women to call upon on all corners of the earth.Social media is a wondrous thing that can be used for a lot of good.