FIRST, I got an invitation from a friend to DO IT with some of her friends. But, I had to pass because T-Ko wouldn’t be able to watch Baby-Ko that afternoon…

THEN, I asked T-Ko if he had any interest in DOING IT with me instead, but he said unless I bought him an X-Box 360 and gave him a BJ, he had no interest.

SOOOO… THEN, I asked Sam if she wanted to DO IT with me. She said “yes!” but she’s leaving for a long trip so we’d have to do it AFTER she gets back. I told her I couldn’t wait until late June so we made plans to DO it before she left….

THEN, my Mom asked if I could sneak away for a night to go DO IT with her. It may be weird for some, but for me, DOING IT with my mom would actually be fun, so I said SURE and made sure T-Ko could watch the baby…

THEN, some of my friends from Wacky’s Class talked about DOING IT and turning it into a girls night out. So we pencilled (touched) it into our iPhones and of course booked our husbands to watch the babies…

THEN, my friend Mc-C called and wanted to know if I was interested in grabbing drinks and DOING IT with her and some friends. We are always trying to get together and never can, so I said, “sure, let me know what night you’re thinking….”

THEN, my best friend T called and asked if I would DO IT with her, otherwise she was going to DO IT alone… “You can’t DO IT by yourself!” I told her, “We have to DO THIS together!”

WELL, I sure hope that being ridiculously OVER COMMITTED doesn’t backfire, leaving me without any opportunity for “SEX.” I mean, I know that Momnesia is something Carrie can’t relate to, but by the looks of the trailer, I have a hunch Charlotte would understand…

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  1. sam
    Sunday, June 1st, 2008
    Love you! You rock! I am by no means Charlotte, but I understand! xo