According to Wacky, Baby-Ko (who’s not even 8 months old) should already have his name on 4 to 5 PRESCHOOL WAITING LISTS. The kid hasn’t even tried Cheerios yet and is already expected to be competing for a spot at a good preschool….

Of course, without fail, I bought into the hysteria, and found myself on a TOUR of a preschool TODAY. Wacky gave us a list of all the schools she signs off on (a list that we weren’t allowed to take home until we completed the 3 week discussion). When we talked about the Valley schools during Week 2, she said that the one I saw today was one of her favorites. (In all seriousness, I think Wacky’s point of view on nursery schools is spot on and she did dole out some valuable advice on this one). When I tried to tell T-Ko the things that Wacky told us to look for, he said “as long as they give free apple juice and Lorna Doones, I approve.” Thanks, Daddy.

Even though it was a hundred years ago, I decided to invite my Nana with me to the tour since she used to be a Professor of Early Childhood Development and owned her own nursery school. When we walked into the school with Baby-Ko we were immediately greeted by the Program Director. She brought us out to the play-yard and memories of my own early childhood came flooding in… Play dough, searching for roley-polies, nap time, and of course snack time…

The rest of the tour and visit was fine. It was a lovely little school…. Very developmental, social and sensory oriented like Wacky says a good school should be. But to be honest, the highlight was not the tour….
It was the fact that COREY FELDMAN and his wife were their checking it out as well.

That’s right, Corey Feldman. As in Goonies, Stand By Me, License To Drive… As in “My Two Coreys” (the painful to watch reality show about life after fame with he and the Corey Haim). Back in the day, I obviously was way more in love with Corey Haim (oh, and Ralph Macchio AND C. Thomas Howell) than Corey Feldman. Nonetheless, to have a BOP and Teen Beat icon sitting across from me on a mini chair, asking questions about how the school handles separation and transition, is like, RAD.

BUT the fact that Baby-Ko is ON THE LIST, is like, TOO THE MAX!

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  1. Thursday, May 8th, 2008
    I was a Corey Haim girl too.

    But seeing Feldman would have been way cool.
  2. Sunday, May 11th, 2008
    I'm been more concerned about getting my little one "on the list" for preschool than I EVER was about getting into a club or getting tickets for a sold out event!!!! Who knew??