It’s official. My 8 month old son is a chick magnet. Young, old, big, small… doesn’t matter. He draws ’em in with his eyes, then his smile, and then they’re hooked. For the past 3 days, Baby-Ko has been the object of desire in particular for one 5 year old girl, named Keilani… She sees him in the pool and she comes RUNNING. She said she loves babies and he is “soooooooooo cute.” (I won’t lie, my boy looks A-DOR-ABLE in board shorts). Keilani’s pretty cute too. T-Ko joked and asked her if she has a job and she said, “um, yeaaaaah. I go to school.” Good answer, girlie. You can now date my son.

To be honest though, I’m not quite sure what Keilani sees in Baby-Ko considering he literally fell asleep IN THE POOL (in my arms) as she was playing with his toes. What a stud.

Well, since there’s only ONE LADY in his life right now, I’m going to relish in this phase while it lasts…

P.S. Would it kill Maui to have a few less birds? I mean, HONESTLY…

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