Day 2

On most mornings, trying to rally the kid to get dressed and get out the door is an extraordinary feat. But tell him we need to get dressed so we can go visit his grandparents???
6:10am he’s raring to go. Jerk.
It was a rainy and chilly day here in LA, so stuffed french toast and coffee at Grandma L and Grandpa B’s house was the perfect way to spend the morning…
Not sure if he’s picking up on my 12 Days of Mommy/ Relaxed vibe, but he wasn’t up for a lot of playing or running around… Instead J sort of chilled, cuddled and lounged… entertaining us all (from the floor) with his version of “Knock Knock” jokes….
As an aside, when it comes to Jonah’s “Knock Knock” jokes, he demands that a) everyone says “who’s there,” and I mean everyone … and b) when he finishes, everyone must laugh—no matter what the joke is or “who” is actually there…. which, at this point, a “lamp post” is always who’s there. Don’t ask).
On our way out, J got on his rain boots and splashed in some puddles with Grandma….
We ended the day with dinner at my all time favorite restaurant- El Coyote. This LA landmark and institution is well, for lack of a better word, a dump. In fact, most people go there for the margaritas only and think the food is crap. BUT I LOVE IT. Seriously, I don’t care that they offer spaghetti with their tacos and thousand island with their tostadas. I LOVE IT. And crave it. So it was fun to have an early dinner there with one of my bf’s who loves it like I do and her husband and son.
Alas, Day 3 needs to be a little lighter on the food front…. or I need 12 pairs of sweat pants.
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  1. Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
    Sweet.My kids are crazy for their Grandma Chacha, I swear they are up half the night before we go to see her.And its a site to see then with her. Love that they have her to love on so much:)]AS for the Knocks knocks, when my oldest was between 2-3, she was obsessed with the Doodlebops and her favorite joke was .."Knock, knock" WHo's there"' Doodlebops..get it" and hysterical laughing on her part would ensue.And honestly, most days she'd crack us up too just because she thought it was so funny. Embrace these moments.They fly by way too fast!