Day 9

After a morning of bagels, lox, coffee cake, and a visit from Grandpa B, we took a drive down to Newport Harbor (Balboa)….
A couple weeks back, I saw an awesome deal on Family Finds for $35 for a ride around the harbor to look at all the Christmas lights and decided to book it.
To date, Jonah’s only other boat experience was on the Jungle Cruise and Small World at Disneyland so I thought it was time to take the boy to sea… Or at least to the marina.
We had some time to kill before the boat took off so we had some slices at a little boardwalk pizzeria that I had to convince Jonah was “Pizza Planet” from Toy Story so he would sit down and eat.
Once we got to the boat, it was smooth sailing. All the houses on Balboa Island and Lido Island were lit up and it was gorgeous.

The hot chocolate was definitely a highlight as was the moment Jonah was humming and I discovered it was from Wizard of Oz’s “Munchkinland” song where the Coroner announces the witch is not “just merely dead, she’s most sincerely really dead…”
I’m discovering that Jonah is a ham. In fact, later that evening, he requested the “dot com” song “from the commercial.” Not sure how we figured it out, but he was talking about the commercial that is to the tune of jingle bells. Thanks to the intra-net, I found it on youtube. For your viewing pleasure, here is his version of it. (Pay close attention to the end/tag line. Brilliant).


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  1. Alli B.C.
    Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
    soo cute! Love your hat! You should send in Jonah's video to the peeps at Overstock! that would make the cutest commercial! Love n miss u.