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During my pregnancy, I got to know every bathroom around town. Like, real well. It came as no surprise to my husband that I selected our local Joan’s On Third (aka “the place that half my paychecks go to weekly”) as my most favorite place to use the bathroom and eat. Not only could I get my weekly croissant and chinese chicken salad craving accomplished (this diet is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as part of a healthy pregnancy, people. Trust me), but I could comfortably go to the bathroom.  As a germaphobe, I started to notice that I was gravitating towards restaurants where not only was the bathroom easily available (read: no patience for the one bathroom/line at Starbucks), but where I could comfortably and easily use the facilities without having to mush my belly through some sort of tight stall.

I got so used to the bathroom there that I actually started to feel at home… In fact, I got a little inspired for my own bathroom —especially during the later days of pregnancy when I was in the bathroom and flying through toilet paper at warp speed:  They put a bunch of toilet paper rolls in cute wire baskets under a vintage table so guests could easily access toilet paper if it ran out (Ever been pregnant and in a public bathroom and there’s no toilet paper? Not fun!)


This got me thinking… I need to do the same in my own house! Convenience + Organization = Happy (Perfectly Disheveled) Momma.

Here’s what I did: I grabbed a vintage wire basket and filled it with a few Cottonelle Mega Rolls and placed it on my toilet. Because of its 4-rolls- in-1 efficiency, I can go at least a few days (or more!) without having to run to the garage every two seconds for more toilet paper. I also happen to think it looks pretty cute in our bathroom with the mosaic tile and our way too expensive toilet (that for another post).


I keep extra rolls next to other bathroom must-haves in our bathroom linen closet. I’ve also designated two shelves for baby stuff like towels and his bath products.

IMG_7796 IMG_7804

Extra storage and utilizing space can be key when it comes perfecting the art of at-home organization. Here are some other tips and tricks for saving space for all of life’s additional everyday necessities.

My Home-Office Printer and Supplies

When we moved to our new house, the third bedroom that used to house my office became the baby’s room. But since I still work from home, I wanted to figure out a way to hide our office supplies and my printer. Thank goodness for a fabulous built-in and a handy handyman! First, we adjust the shelves to fit the height of my printer. Then, I had him drill a hole up through the top shelf to run a wire to the outlet behind the TV and I purchased great file boxes for our important records. I also gathered all my label makers so they’re nice and handy… and voila! Home office tucked away!

IMG_7773 IMG_7771

Make Up Brushes

I love our remodeled bathroom so much and while I love a clean counter, I also know that I need certain things quickly. I love the idea of having my makeup brushes readily available and cotton pads and qTips ready to go after I get out of the shower or wash my face. I found a really cute container for them as well as a Jonathan Adler looking vase for my brushes.


Nuts in a Sec

Instead of grabbing a handful of crackers and cookies (those days of pregnancy cravings need to be are sadly over, my friends), I’m gravitating towards healthy options like nuts…. especially when it’s great for baby brain development! Cabinets can get clogged with bags upon bags, so I love having these plastic, stackable containers that keep my pantry organized and keep the nuts fresh! I want to organize my entire pantry with these! Baby steps 🙂


What are your favorite time and space saving tricks around your house?  Use Cottonelle® Toilet Paper and Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and you’ll feel fresher and cleaner. Learn more at #OnAMegaRoll

I am proud to partner with Cottonelle for the #OnAMegaRoll campaign. I am being sponsored by Cottonelle for this post and social media activities, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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