Growing up, I can remember there being one closet in the house that was an “open at your own risk” type of closet. My mom called it the “Lucy Closet” (I assume there was an episode from “I Love Lucy” where Lucy shoved everything in one closet to clean up and every time it opened, everything fell out… ) Well that was like our closet….

Without a doubt, my office/guest bedroom has become a Lucy Closet of sorts– Every misfit item that needs a permanent home seems to end up in there. I’ve got containers of Baby-Ko’s old clothes, toys, files, gifts, chatchkes, you name it… It’s just a throw it in there kind of a room. Just thinking about how badly I want to organize everything which translates in to how badly the garage also needs reorganizing gives me anxiety.
But when I saw these photos that T-Ko took of Baby-Ko using the clutter as his very own bench and window, my love of all things p-touch and compartments melted away… 
Or at least until he started playing with our tax returns…
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