On Saturday night, we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday. It was a great party and a ton of fun (especially because I chopped 5 inches off my hair… maybe I’ll post a little pic. Hmm) ANYWAY, my brother Uncle G, Auntie “Addie,” and I were asked to say a little something. We all conspired and wanted to share some very hilarious (but probably too inappropriate stories for a party of colleagues and coworkers), so we opted to tell memorable stories that wouldn’t embarrass my dad for the rest of his life (and still sound funny after 3 Vodka Sodas in. Plus champagne.)

My sister introduced us and told everyone that we were going to share some of our funny memories, because after all, our dad is a funny guy. So here was my portion of the speech:

As many of you probably know our dad is a very funny guy. He goofed off a lot and went out if his way to be silly for us…I think it goes without saying he has a great sense of humor. When I think of my dad I often think of laughter. The other thing that comes to mind when think about memories of my childhood is food. My dad loves food. In our house he was affectionately referred to as the “Junk Food Dad.” And I could always count on him to be the one to deliver on total crappy and unhealthy food- and I loved it.

One of my favorite food memories, is when my Dad and G came to visit me in NYC when I was at NYU. Dad had been adamant about having a “real” New York pastrami sandwich and asked me to plan that lunch for weeks before we had arrived there. (Btw, my dad is the only person I know- other than me and my siblings- that can tell you on Saturday, what he wants for breakfast on Tuesday, and get completely obsessed with having to have it.)

Anyway, back to New York and pastrami…. So we made plans to go to Katz’s deli , but when we got there it was closed! Baffled, we got in a cab and headed to the equally famous 2nd Ave Deli. We pull up in front and from the cab we see another “CLOSED” sign. WHAT?! Also closed?! So we hopped out and went to the door. “CLOSED FOR YOM KIPPUR.” But that wasn’t going to stop this Jewish family. Oh, no. Some of us needed to eat!

Dad was annoyed and in a fit of food rage, threw us (back) in to a cab. The Middle Eastern cab driver said “where to” and Dad said, “Where can I get a good pastrami sandwich?”
The guy said, “No problem. I know.”
My brother and I are dying. This guy does NOT know where to get a “real” new york pastrami-effing sandwich.
“Dad!” we screamed, “Every deli is going to be closed. It’s Yom Kippur!”
“No! Drive!” Said my dad and the cabbie nodded, drove 30 blocks, stopped short and said “there.”
We look up and it’s “Hop Lee’s Westside Deli.”
Needless to say, we opted for some real new york pizza instead that day….
On behalf of A, G, T-Ko, The New JB, and of course Baby-Ko… I just wanted to say we love you dad. Here’s to another 60 years filled with, love, happiness, health, and lots of grandchildren.

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  1. Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
    Just thought I'd stop by from momlogic. Love the back fat. We have a lot in common. Also, a new mom, wife just trying to shave my legs.