I’ve heard stories from the BTDTM (Been There Done That Moms) about how after years of having kids, you start to listen (and like) the music they listen too. You can name all the Jonas Brothers (and even have your own favorite) and you are the first one to go out and buy the High School Musical CD. I used to wonder if that would ever happen to me. I mean, those little Rockabye Lullaby Baby songs are pretty relaxing…

I got in the car. Started the engine. The stereo is on but I can’t hear it. 

I’ll change the channel in a sec.
I pull out of the driveway, turn the street. Time to settle in for my 40 min commute to work. Traffic on the 101 blows.
I miss Adam Corrola.
What CD is this?
I turn it up.
“Showers always make you gaaaay…”
“Robin in the rain…such a lovely fellow…”
What is this?!
Ahh. Raffi. Of course.
I listen to another few lines. Cute song. NEXT.

Back in the car after a long day. Time to settle in for my 45 plus min commute home. Mommy needs wine. Nothing on the radio. CD #4. Sara Bareilles. Ehh. CD #5. My “Birthing CD” (Don’t ask). CD #1. “Robin in the rain…..”
I turn it up. God. This song IS pretty cute. Reminds me of a Cole Porter song or something. Is it?

I play it again.
Damn. This Raffi is good. But why am I listening to this? I should take advantage of my time alone and listen to some T.I. or J.T.
I look in the rear review mirror just to remind myself that Baby-Ko is in fact not there. I switch to the hip-hop station. It’s all crap really

Why try to fight it? I mean it IS a good song….

45 minutes, and 3,000 rounds of showers-making-me-gay later, I have arrived. Literally.


P.S. Out of nowhere, Baby-Ko spit up all over me this morning– my jeans were covered. I suppose I could have changed, but I opted for a little wet wash clothe action and went on my way. On route to work, I caught a whiff of myself. What have I become?

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  1. Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
    Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, swim so wild and you swim so free. Heaven above and the sea below and a little white whale on the go....

    Ah, good ole Raffi. I am not even sure if those are the EXACT words to freakin' "Baby Beluga" cos it's been a few years since mine have listened to him.

    But, I totally know where you're coming from. I mean, I caught myself rocking out to the Naked Brothers Band one day since the CD was in the car...seriously, "if that's not love then what is?" Ack.

    And, for the record, Joe Jonas is my fave. I saw them in concert last summer -- with my daughter -- and I think I was just as excited as she was! LOL