This weekend, T-Ko and I took Baby-Ko to the LA Zoo for the first time. Although he may have not fully digested the fact that it’s not every day that you stand face to face with a 16 foot giraffe, I do think the sights and sounds delighted him.  Every time we get in the car lately, he says “munt-ee! munt-ee!” (translation: “No More Monkeys on the Bed” song). So when we found ourselves at the Monkey cage you can imagine how excited Baby-Ko was. However, these monkeys were doin’ a lot more than just jumping– they were literally going ape shit, swinging back and forth from the cages and making noises that had everyone in the park gathering to witness….


Alas, I now understand the term “f**k like monkeys….”
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  1. Anonymous
    Monday, March 30th, 2009
    go to the Santa Barbara Zoo - it's better, cheaper and the most amazing views. (and a train ride)