For several months, Baby-Ko’s language has really started to bloom. He’s definitely mastered Mommy, Daddy, Up, Down, Baba (bottle), Bye-Bye and a slew of other “common” (no shit) words that a 17 month old might say. But what I find to be so funny about hearing this little person speak is some of the other words that he’s decided to include in his repertoire. Moon, “OkeeDokee,” Deer (one of our neighbors has a fake deer on their lawn. Don’t ask) and other little shticks we have like …. “Baby-Ko, who’s your favorite Laker?” and he says, “Koobee.” Brilliant. Or my husband’s favorite show off phrase, “Baby-Ko, who’s your favorite Dodger,” and he says, “Manny.”

Yet, no matter what I do, I can’t get him to say the word “PLEASE.” I’m no Emily Post, but I’ve heard that it’s important to start to teach manners early on. I’ve been trying really hard to get him to say it when he wants something. Like every other word that I try to teach him, I repeat it, “Say, ‘More, pleeaaase, mommy. Pleeease.” Nothing. Just a “moooooooooore!” and a temper tantrum and me giving him whatever it is that he wants. He just will not say it. But, if I drop something on the floor and mutter “Crap,” for the rest of the day you might hear my litttle one shouting “Cap. Cap!” Or today, I was on the phone and said something about (me) being “dumb.” For the next 5 minutes, I heard, “Dup. Dup!” (I can only assume he agreed that I was in fact “Dup.”) Yesterday, my mom’s friend looked at him and said, “Boy are you ‘Adorable!'” He smiled (as if to say thank you) and then said, “Aduuwabel.” I mean…. Really? Adorable? A four syllable word but  you can’t say, “Please?” The easiest word other than “No” and you can’t say it? Seriously?!

No matter how hard I try on this one, I’ve got to say, I think my kid isn’t going to budge on this one. I think he knows what I want and this is his first instance of independence and defiance. I think he’s gonna say Please and Thank you when he’s ready to say it. In the meantime, with the amount of repeating he’s doing, I definitely need to stop talking like a truck driver as much as I do. Because hearing him say “Pass the fucking baba, PLEAASE” isn’t exactly what Emily Post is going for…

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  1. Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

    Talking like a truck driver just when you think no one is looking or listening, our little ones remind us that we are NOT alone. Even an "oops" word from the "craptionary" is not forgiven here. Cap, Cap, Cap...I'm with you sister. You do not suffer alone.