Every year, every goddamn year, I make A LIST. Sometimes it’s just in my head. Other times it’s on paper. But every year, the list IS MADE. Every year I resolve to do more, do less, be something. Well, I wish I could say that this year “the list” can suck it and I’m going to spend 2010 being exactly as I am… But alas, I can’t… Because if there was any year that needs to be put to rest, tweaked, and given a complete overhaul, it is 2009. Yep. See ya bitches. Here’s what I’m doing in 2010:

1) Hitting Less Curbs. I personally think I’m a fine driver. But my OCD about parking too parallel/close to the curb can be damaging and annoying to those driving with me. Also, tires are expensive.
2) Social Media(ish). This year I’m going to Tweet more and Facebook (stalk) less.
3) Stop Shhhing. I have a tendency to tell people they’re talking too loud. I actually think I have like weird hearing issues (see #4), but in general, I realize my shh-ing habit is annoying. So in 2010, talk as loud as you want people. I won’t stop you… For now.
4) Pop Pills. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life teetering on serious hypochondria. But I’ve really started to loosen up and trust that in general, for example, mixing Advil and a glass of wine is totally fine (yes, I have doubts about this). But this year, I’m going to stop fixating on silly things and trust that I am a healthy woman…
5) Drink more. Water, that is. I need to drink more water. Period.
6) Exercise. This one is so boring and so unoriginal. But goddamnit, this year I need to exercise and not pretend that pushing Baby-Ko up and down the block on his tricycle counts as cardiovascular activity.
7) Tell more stories. I’m thrilled to be working at Parents Ask and writing for a living. But that’s not enough. I need to write at least three times a week on Perfectly Disheveled and AND finish (well, first I need to start) my book proposal. I mean, sitting across from Barbara Walters isn’t going to happen magically…
8) Parent better. Today I compiled a list for Parents Ask of all the Best Parenting Books of the decade. This year, I will read (and not just at Barnes and Noble before a movie) some of these books… I might even take all the info that Wacky has bestowed on me and use it. Maybe.
9) That’s a Crock of… I got a crock pot for Hannukah and this year, I am determined to use it once a week (okay, once a month is just as admirable). So, if you have great crock pot recipes send them my way… Or send me your unwanted gift cards to various restaurants. Take out is just as appreciated.
10) Shag. Get your mind out of the gutter, people. Recently, I got a fabulous shag rug from CB2 but it sheds like a mo’ fo‘. Seriously, when I leave the house, it looks like I’ve been living with a den of polar bears. It’s crazy. So this year, I need to de-lint more (and that includes Baby-Ko). Seriously.
Obviously, I could keep going with the list… Do more Laughing, hugging, singing, and dancing… Do less arguing, complaining, procrastinating, and worrying, etc… But I think this is a good (written) start… And a good way to say goodbye to 2009.
Happy New Year.
See you in 2010.
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  1. Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
    I've got some similar, um, goals on my list.

    If you need good crock pot recipes, check out http://crockpot365.blogspot.com. I own Stephanie O'Dea's book and it's wonderful. Super easy crock pot recipes.

    Good luck with the exercise & drink more water thing...that's always on my list.

    I will have to check out Parents Ask!!
  2. Friday, January 1st, 2010
    Cute blog!! I can't wait to read what 2010 has in store for you - stopping by to say hi from your newest follower!!

  3. Monday, January 11th, 2010
    I too have resolved to do more crock pot cooking this year after my m-i-l gave me one she doesn't use. Here's a link to some great recipes: http://www.50plusfriends.com/cookbook/crockpot/index-5b.html