For those of you that have been following PD for a little while, you will recall that my Nana is a big part of my life and has certainly been a source for “material.” While she does live in a retirement village called Leisure World replete golf carts, club houses and sloped curbs (god forbid someone trips), she really isn’t your typical 80 year old Grandma. In fact, this year, she’s already been to Ireland and Las Vegas (both equally important destinations) and in a couple weeks, she’s going to Africa with a friend for a 3 weeks. What’s even more impressive, is that she is a very talented artist and recently had someone build her a website to showcase her work.

Although Nana’s got her own site, getting her to understand what exactly a “blog” is and how one even finds it, has been a work in progress. Yesterday she spent the day with Baby-Ko, my mom and I:
Nana:  Okay, J-Ko dear, please tell me how I find your bog.
J-Ko:  Blog.
Nana:  Oh, well what do I type?
J-Ko:   Perfectly Disheveled dot– It’s a website. Like google.
Nana:  How do I find my google?
Mom:  First you have to find your Yahoo…
J-Ko:  Here we go again…
(We all laugh)
Nana:  No, now just wait…
J-Ko:   Nana, we’ve been through this. Just turn on your computer, go on line–

J-Ko:  The internet. You need the internet. 
Mom:  Oy. J-Ko, you need to show her.
FINE. I turn on my computer, go online and show her how to find my site. She starts reading. 
Nana: J-Ko dear. Oh my god. This is unbelievable. I had no idea that this is what a blog was. I love this!
After reading some of my older posts and searching around, she discovered the links “I Like” and suddenly my 80 year old Nana got “intra-net” savvy: 
Nana: Can you put my website on here?
J-Ko:  You mean like, link to your website?
Nana: Yes, why not. Maybe your friends want to buy art.
J-Ko:  Viral marketing. Love it.  I will put it up tomorrow.
Whether you like art or not, there’s no denying- my Nana is pretty unbelievably talented and impressive…. and I personally have many many favorites. I am beyond proud to plug my Nana’s site.  She’s my very own Picasso and certainly my role model. Did I mention she’s also going to Australia in August???!!
PS. “Thoughtful” is of me when I was Baby-Ko’s age! See any resemblance?
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  1. Monday, July 13th, 2009
    That's so very awesome! Your Nana is, without a doubt, a truly talented woman. The way you describe her reminds me of my Grandma, who was this amazing powerhouse of an old lady that put our lazy younger generation to shame. :)
  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
    Your Nana's artwork is fantastic! I'm typically not one for impressionist works, but what she does...WOW! That's all I can say!