8:45am. My phone rings. It’s DH. I try to sound like I’m not sleeping, but I am. Baby-Ko was UP for the day at 5am and went down for an early morning  nap. Subsequently, mommy went down for a nap then too.  DH tells me that he has some news he thinks I may want to hear…. 
“Seriously?” I say.
“Yes, just heard it. Thought you may get a kick out of that. Sorry I woke you.”
“No. That’s okay. This is so exciting.”
“I figured you could blog about it.”
“Oh, I will. And I’ll also have to figure out what to do about T-Ko,” I joke… Kind of. I mean, Michael Buble IS already on my “list.”
In other Hollywood news, T-Ko just told me Jimmy Kimmel and Sara Silverman split. “Apparently she WAS fucking Matt Damon.” 🙂

I started my 30 Day/ 30 Minute plan today. The exercise portion for today was a walk/jog/ run challenge with the stroller…  Jesus Christ, I am out of shape.  My  “jog” and my “run” are not so different from one another these days. I’m pretty sure the people at the park were not able to distinguish the two.  As for the food part of the diet, I had zero pangs of hunger until dinner hit. Tonight’s menu was this chicken and whole wheat pasta dish. But before you go thinking “pasta? what kind of a diet allows ‘pasta’??” let me make clear how much pasta I was actually able to eat: 1/2 cup. Do you know how much a 1/2 cup is? It’s like 10 tubes of penne. Trust me, I counted. And let me tell you, when one of those penne tubes fell on the floor, I nearly cried. Then I picked it up and ate it. (The 5 second rule is SO in effect during diet days).

My Nana came and spent the day with us and stayed for dinner. T-Ko, my Mom and Aunt N joined. It’s always so nice to spend time with Nana, especially when she seeks love advice…. (As you may recall a few months ago she became friends with a newly widowed man who told her that they were not an “item.”) 
Nana:  I think I have scared H away.
Me:  Why?
Nana:  Well, I had him over for some supper last Wednesday and we were talking… He told me that he was very upset- that he had been diagnosed with the first stages of prostate cancer and he was very concerned and wanted to talk about it.
Mom:  That’s sad.
Nana: He said that the doctor told him he couldn’t have sex anymore… and I said, ‘well, at our age who needs to have sex anyway. You can have ‘talk sex.’
Me: You mean “Phone sex.”
Nana: Well, sure. But not on the phone. Just at the table.
All: At the table?? (Laughter)
Aunt: Is there any affection between you?
Nana: Well, we held hands at the movies. But you see, he is also seeing another woman.
T-Ko: Oooh.
Mom:  YOU are the “other woman.”
Nana: I think so. Because then at temple we just waved and didn’t talk.
J-Ko: Was this before or after you had him over for dinner. 
Nana: Before. But when he was over for supper I said, it’s okay that we’re friends but sometimes I need a hug.
All: Oy.
J-Ko: So did he hug you?
Nana: Yes, he gave me a nice hug and then left for the evening. 
Aunt: Has he called?
Nana: No. And that was on Wednesday.
Mom: Well, have you called him?
T-Ko: Someone should really check. Maybe he died.
J-Ko: No, seriously. Maybe your cioppino made him sick. 
Mom: You should call him mom.
J-Ko/T-Ko: No! She should not call him. 
T-Ko: I think if you don’t hear from him you should move on…
J-Ko: Sorry, Nana. He’s just not that into you.
T-Ko: You should call his other old broad. Get a little Leisure World three-way going. 
All: Ewwwww!
J-Ko: That would definitely kill him. 
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  1. Alli B.
    Sunday, July 20th, 2008
    sooo funny!! Nana needs a better man..
  2. Margaret Patterson
    Monday, October 3rd, 2016
    I think it's wonderful that your Nana found someone , we shouldn't be alone. I had been married for 45 years and my husband passed away. A year later I met my current husband, he's 75 and I'm 71. I feel very fortunate to have met him, we take care of each other. We have fun , go different places, we go antiquing, .He is so active, just built a gazebo on our patio, retiled
    our stairs in our house, we play golf, we go to the gym, spinning. I love that we got married 3 years ago. It's wonderful to be in love at our age !!