When people think of love the second time around, they usually think that it applies to a middle aged man or woman, who after a disappointing first marriage (or maybe an unexpected death) finds someone with an equal amount of baggage, and they fall in love. It’s unlikely that people would ever suspect that a man or woman in their 80’s could experience (or would even want to experience) love again…. But it happens. And it happened to my Nana.

I’ve shared many of my favorite Nana stories and conversations here before. My most favorite was when she called me to tell me she couldn’t find her Yahoo… (Stick with this post… you’ll come to discover that she has definitely found it. And more). Oh yes, Nana is in love. Deeply in love. Though she was married to my Papa for 57 beautiful years, she is now experiencing love the second time around with a wonderful man named Burt, who was married for 62 years!
Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Nana and Burt, for Lifetime Moms, to talk about their relationship for… and other things. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Lots and lots of love….


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  1. Saturday, February 25th, 2012
    So sweet, loved this video. It caught my eye since I'm a newly 2nd time around married gal, two months now. Lost my husband to cancer 4 years ago. It's great how priorities change after 25 years of dating, and soulmate searching!! Loved meeting you at the Mom Bloggers event at Christina's house!