Magic Jump Rentals: Why Bounce Houses Make the Best Birthdays!

September is a crazy month in my house. Not only is it back to school, but we’ve got three birthdays starting with mine on the 11th, Oliver’s on the 15th, and Jonah’s on the 20th.  What’s a mama to do?! Bounce!

I wanted to keep Oliver’s birthday small and at home but also make sure there was enough to do for the little and big kids… So is there anything better than an awesome bounce house?! I teamed up with Magic Jump Rentals to find the perfect bounce house. Right now, Oliver is OBSESSED with Toy Story.

Magic Jump Rentals provided an awesome 5 in 1 Combo that featured (1) a bigger bouncing area; (2) a basketball hoop; (3) inflated push-through, obstacle pop-ups; (4) a wall climber; and (5) a “high platform” wet or dry slide.(We opted for dry because I’m lazy and didn’t want to wash towels. How’s that for a great hostess). 

Here are the reason why Bounce Houses make the best birthday parties:

  • Everyone loves to jump! With a 12-year old, a 4-year old, and a 2-year old, finding activities all three boys love at the same time (other than melt downs which seem to happen simultaneously in an effort to kill me), is really difficult. Bounce houses literally make all three of them happy and they’re able to enjoy it differently. Oliver likes to climb up and slide on the slide. Everett likes to bounce and fall, bounce and fall. And Jonah likes to play basketball. PS. You may even find your grown up spouse bouncing with the boys (and by boys I mean  his friends too) from time to time.
  • Magic Jump Rentals gives you an 8-hour rental window! So basically if your party starts at 3 and ends at 6, you can have your bounce house delivered at 11am and a 7 pm pick up with gives your kids 4 hours to get their bounce on and get super tired and sweaty before all of your guests arrive and they inevitably turn into miserable little people. But enough about me… The 8 hour wind is AMAZE.
  • So many themes! What I loved about this bounce was that a) Toy Story theme meant I could coerce Oliver to remove the pajamas he insisted on wearing to his birthday (*smacks head on forehead) and wear his Buzz Lightyear costume instead… Which of course meant that Everett had to wear his Woody Costume. I mean, doesn’t get cuter than that.  
  • It’s all you need to do. No really. You do not need entertainment. You don’t need bells and whistles. You just need a bounce house and it’s all contained. Not to mention, you know they’re working off all the sugar you’re giving at the party.
  • They’re so reasonably priced! Magic Jump Rentals has the largest variety of games and rides with more than 700 to choose from! We’ve rented from them so many times (and other things too like chairs, popcorn stands and more), and their equipment is always so clean, so safe, and staff so reliable and friendly.
  • Perfect for a random day… Like I said, they are so reasonably priced and come in all sizes and options, that it makes a great thing to go in on with neighbors on a lazy Sunday when all the dads want to watch  Football and all the moms hate the dads for watching football. Not that I know anything about that, but honestly, this really sounds like a great idea and I’m now thinking Super Bowl won’t be most dreaded day of the year after all!


If you want to know more about Magic Jump Rentals, head to their site or check out Yelp to see all their awesome reviews!

Thanks for an awesome party Magic Jump Rentals! See you again next September!

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