“Annie” themed Birthday Party. Age 6. 

Growing up, almost every birthday party I ever had was at the same park. In fact, to this day, we call that park (a park I take my son to play at frequently), the “birthday party park.” While you might think a birthday party at a park is a standard fête, let me tell you: You don’t know my mom, and you certainly don’t know the kind of parties this woman knows how to throw.

Entertaining always seemed natural for my mom. Every spread (even the simplest) seemed elaborate… Colors were coordinated, food was themed, delicious, and plentiful, décor and tables were precise and exquisite, and all guests had to do was enjoy their time. She was Martha before there was a Martha.

These days, I’d like to think her party throwing skills rubbed off on me—or at least the love of it part, and when I finally had a life, home, and child of my own, I chomped at the bit to take these (genetic) skills out for a whirl.

Some people go to bed and count sheep, others count table settings and flower arrangements. It’s just what I love. Give me a reason to entertain and I’ll take it!

Well luckily, this summer, I’ve got an outlet for all my party throwing fantasies! I’ve teamed up with California Pizza Kitchen to host a series of events and get-togethers. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing tips, ideas, photos and posts from my “Adventures in Entertaining” with CPK via my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

So consider this your “save the date.” Proper invite and details to come, of course!

Want to see some of the party ideas I love? Head to my Party Board on Pinterest!

At the Birthday Party Park. Age 3. 

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