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If you know me, then you know I’m all about a quality home-cooked meal. If you know me, then you also know that life as of late has been a little chaotic, so turning on the stove is sort of last on my list. Thankfully, I live in a city with a gazillion and one options for take out and delivery. From sushi to pizza, to a the kind of chopped salads I dream about (and yes, I do dream about food. So what?), we turn to for those nights when mama just can’t bring herself to roast, dice, shred, or sauté. And if I’m being honest, nothing makes my 8 year old happier. Not that he hates my cooking, but let’s face it, sometimes, he hates my cooking. (That for another post).

FullSizeRender-4 GrubHub is the best way to order food from favorite local restaurants for delivery or pick-up. You simply type in your address and choose from thousands of different restaurants from all different types of restaurants. If you have a specific craving that night, you also have the option of typing in your desired cuisine (Mexican, Thai, Pizza, Chinese, Sushi, etc). The site then shows you what the wait time is for delivery and how much the delivery fee is (many are free and require a very little delivery minimum!). This feature is great for me—especially when I’m running from one activity to the next or sitting in the bleacher’s on a weekday baseball practice that’s running late and there’s no chance of roasting that chicken that I had every intention of roasting. I simply log in to my GrubHub app and am able to place my order from my phone and have the delivery arrive when we’re getting home (have you seen what an 8 year old boy looks like after practice: RAVENOUS!)

GrubHub is also fantastic when you’re traveling for work or with kids and you’re too tired to leave the hotel but you just can’t stomach another bland hotel meal. Speaking of travel, Peter, if you’re reading this, I could really deserve use a trip to Hawaii. Two words: Spring Break. Two other words: Not joking. But I digress…

If you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, be sure to head to GrubHub to take advantage of this special discount of $15 off an order of $25+ just for my readers! Code for discount is: perfect15. Offer (for new diners only) expires 2/29.

Your kids (and my husband) can thank me later for putting that quinoa and broccoli dish on hold tonight…

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