Chambray shirt, boyfriend jeans, leopard flats Right now, when it comes to Fall fashion I’m all about simplicity. This summer I went a little nuts getting my wardrobe ready for our whirlwind, European honeymoon. (Let’s be honest, I purchased just a tad more than 3 dresses for 3 cities). While I have a closet full of lovely summer gear, which thanks to LA weather can actually still be worn, it really is time to shift into Fall. Thankfully, my birthday falls in September so I was able “gift” myself some new duds, including the Clare Vivier fold over clutch. OBSESSED. But now, it’s time to slooooow things down. Time to simplify.

Even though I had to slow my roll, there were still a few essentials that were missing from my closet: An easy jacket, a basic black bag, and a plaid scarf, because, duh. It’s Fall in LA and… so… yeah. Also, when you go from feeling fit and fab and wedding body hear me roar to real life shit happens my jeans are tight, fall fashion becomes less about trying to make styles work and more about working the styles that work for you. The basics. The go-to’s. The cute but comfortables. Yep, that’s where I am.

With that, November is turning out to be a cheap month on the shopping front. (Well, I suppose that depends who you ask. And what I mean by “it depends who you ask,” I mean: Don’t ask my husband).

Here are some recent purchases that I’m loving and wondering how I ever lived without!

Hinge 'Vintage' Expedition Jacket
Hinge ‘Vintage’ Expedition Jacket (see more cotton jackets)
Downing tote
Downing tote (see more leather purses)
Here’s some pics I snapped of me in the jacket. These three pics alone should be a good indication of me spending wisely and getting my money’s worth… Feel free to share that with Peter if you see him 😉 xo, JB.
hinge jacket, stripes, booties

Hinge Jacket, Stripes, Boyfriend jeans and Joie Barlowe Booties

hinge jacket, old navy dress, joie barlowe booties, crew tote

Hinge jacket, Old Navy dress, Joie Barlowe Booties, JCrew Tote

Hinge jacket, Splendid Long Sleeve tee, JCrew scarf, boyfriend jeans, converse

Hinge jacket, Splendid Long Sleeve tee, JCrew scarf, boyfriend jeans, converse

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