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I’m a worrier… Always have been and, well, unless the Dalai Lama shows up at my doorstep with zen-like wisdom strong enough to knock the bejesus out of the anxiety that makes up this 37-year old, Jewish white female, the chances are I always will be.

So… For better or for worse: I’m a worrier.  And it’s part of what makes me me.

Sometimes, and I mean soooooometimes, worry does come in handy… I mean… It makes me a great planner, organizer, and problem solver. It makes me pay close attention to my body, my health and that of my loved ones too. It makes me detailed, curious, and super inquisitive. Always prepared and always thinking ahead, I’m the chick you want on your trip around the world -as you will never have to worry about where to be when or where to go next: A good worrier ALWAYS know what is happening next. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say a good worrier can predict the future. A really good worrier doesn’t even say “what if.” They just know.  In fact, right this very moment, in another part of the world, another good worrier is saying to their spouse, “I just KNOW that is going to happen. Trust me.”

But today… today I decided that some of this has to stop. That sometimes, even the most innocent worry can take up space that should be used entirely for joy. Pure, unaffected, unpredicted or preplanned joy.

Don’t ask my why today I decided this but I did. Maybe it was watching Magic Johnson (a regular at my workout class) do a little dance during weights, or the barista at Starbucks who was extra friendly, or when Jonah asked me if he should “post” me about his day at school…  Something about today made me want to make room for more happiness.

So, inspired by the social media revolution that is happening with the 100 Days of Happy Project and a very exciting honeymoon to Europe coming up in just a couple weeks, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get on the happy train too and see if those moments can take up more headspace than the worry, doubt, fear of the unknown (blah blah blah) that doesn’t have any positive impact or serve me in anyway.

Below is my first #100HappyDays picture taken right after my workout. Follow along on Instagram.Here’s to happiness!

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