I’d like to think that I can do it all… That my time management skills are so exceptional, my stamina so incredible, and my ability to juggle is so marvelous, I could pretty much rule the world. Or at least run a small empire. Out of my apartment.

Yes, I’d like to think I’m capable on a thousand and one levels– I can cook, clean, write, work, love, laugh, raise a child, have a social life, AND make time to (and actually) workout. I’m queen of love, home, and child rearing. Is there ANYTHING I can’t do? Um, NO.

Though I’d could go on and on about my “I’m woman, hear me roar” abilities, my words are getting dangerously close to sounding like a Beyonce song…. Aaaaaaand I was so humbly reminded by my son just yesterday, that in fact, I’m not as “capable” as I think…

So… Lately, Jonah’s favorite thing is to hear scary stories- LONG, scary stories, that require ridiculously complicated and elaborate plot lines. Well, amidst making meatballs and spaghetti sauce from scratch, dealing with a light that literally fell from the ceiling out of nowhere, and checking/ responding to work emails, I was, to say the least, a little “disheveled.”

He pulls a stool up to the counter.

J: Mommy, can you tell me a scary story.
Me: Not now, baby. I can’t really concentrate.
J: Why????!?!?
Me: Jonah, I’m doing a thousand things at once- I can’t really think straight. But I’ll tell you one after dinner.
J: No! Do it now!
Me: Jonah, I’m sorry. The answer is no.
J: Please! Just MULTI-TASK!!!!
UM. Did he just tell me to “multi-task???”
Me: Multi-task?! Do you even know what Multi-task means?
J: Yep. It means doing a lot of things at once. And it’s not that hard.
Who is he???
J: Now tell me a scary story??

Needless to say, my meatballs were a little burnt and the light fixture is still on the counter.

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