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Looking at Turtles (“the tutus”); Jonah 13 months old

Now that wedding craze is over and work load steady, I’ve committed to volunteering in Jonah’s classroom once a week for an hour or so. The first week, I mentioned to J’s amazing teacher that I was great at organizing so she asked me to organize her files. I know that sounds like an easy task but it was one of those days where a) my brain was still in bed and b) I honestly had no clue as to what she was talking about and where things were supposed to go. HOWEVER, because she had at one point mentioned to us that she’s working on helping Jonah gain more confidence and not ask so many questions (when he probably knows the answer), I was going to be damned if I asked her  any questions (Wait, what am I supposed to do????), thereby revealing where my little apple doth fall from…

Needless to say, the next week (and every week since then), I’ve been put on cutting, gluing, and tracing type assignments.

So far so good.

Yesterday, in preparation for school Open House, I was given the sweet assignment of asking each child 3 “important things” about themselves to write on the self portraits they painted.  Although it was a little challenging to help them understand why being” really good at basketball” makes the cut but being “really good at basketball, like even more than Matthew” is not something “important,” I loved getting to hear their ideas on what makes them each special and important.  Of course, I wanted to feed Jonah with my idea of what makes him important but I let him tell me in his own words... Because he is 6. Almost 7…. A boy. A really important and special boy…

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When Jonah called me from his dad’s this morning to tell me what kind of pizza I should order for his friends today that are coming over after school (one has dietary restrictions), I think it hit me how fast he’s growing up.  I swear it was just yesterday when our conversations were simple and repetitive, “I see a blue sky. Do you see a blue sky???”

After he dictated which pizza place to call and reminded me to get one with basil and tomatoes for him (oh, my kid), in a sentimental move, I went searching for old photos of the days he called Turtles “Tutus…”  I found an old voice memo taken by a friend when J was about 19 months old. He’s singing the ABC’s…  And here we are now… Age 6. Almost 7…. a boy. A really important and special boy…

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