Not so long ago, I whined about how Pinterest made me feel pathetic. I declared that the fashionistas, posing with their perfectly tilted heads, and baubled-out wrists made me feel ridiculously uncool and uncoordinated. I decided that the travel pins only made my wanderlust get worse and the reality of my current finances more clear. Finally, I determined that I’d never have time to be as crafty as I wish I could be and that, with my busy schedule, DIY projects were a distant dream.
Guess what? I’ve soooooo changed my tune.
That’s right. Pinterest is my new best friend and my newest full time obsession. Forget Facebook stalking. That’s so 2012.
These days, I’m all about stalking other people’s visions, visuals, and very cool sh*t. From fabulous fashion and must have Spring/Summer style, to recipes that I’m sure I can find the time to make, and to inspiring DIY projects and parties that I’m trying to find an excuse to have, I cannot REPIN fast enough!
Here are some of the boards, ideas, and pinners that I’m pining for:
Who knew that the reality show OC would turn out designers with actual taste and fabulous style? Right now, I’m totally digging the boards from Lauren Conrad. I’m also, of course, obsessed with the boards from my girl Robin Saperstein, who has a knack for gorgeous accessories and keeps a close eye on fashion iconslike Olivia Palermo
You know what, I’m discovering that the oven and me actually get along quite well and thanks to a few trusty recipes, I can move past my mostly-meatloaf-meals and try other delicious dishes. I’ve been making a ton of recipes from Skinny Taste… Her recipes are healthy and light and seriously easy.  I’m even going to try some of the mother’s day recipes from Martha Stewart Living.  Turns out, her ideas are not all that un-doable for every day moms. Well… they’re aaaalmost undoable, because, um, I don’t have my own lavender or cucumber garden, BUT the new me is willing to give it a try… especially since Trader Joe’s packages that sh*t up and gets it ready to go!
Over the next few weeks and months, I’m going to be hosting a bunch various parties and events. I’ll be sharing details of these as I roll them out, but let me just say in the meantime, a) I’m now wishing I could be an event/wedding planner and b) my inner DIY/Craft Goddess-ness is chomping at the bit to come out and play. Pinners  like my darling friend Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm, inspire me daily. Also digging Young House Love, Savings Mania,  oh and, of course, the queen of DIY herself… Martha-I-can-do-everything-Stewart.
Basically, this season, as the self-acclaimed “not so queen of it all,” I’m challenging myself to wearing, making and DOING everything I love… Or at least trying to do all of that. Next time, we’ll discuss the travel boards. That requires a whole different story… and budget. 
Who are your favorite pinners and boards to follow? 

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