Oh, hello there. Hi. Hey. What’s up. Remember me? GOOD. I know…. been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’m well overdue for a story about Jonah and his questions or my unshaven legs (though I must say, shockingly, they’re actually quite smooth these days. Jonah on the other hand… his questions are still incessant).

Anyway… What exactly have I been doing that has taken me away from all things perfectly disheveled? I don’t entirely know. But I know I’ve been BUSY. I’ve got a pile of mail, a slew of phone calls to returns, an inbox of of unread emails, and a dozen shows that are on the brink of DVR deletion… On that note, I’m going to keep it short and sweet, and leave you with 1) a promise that I will start to write more. Soon. & 2) a little story about little J.
Tonight, after returning from an oh, SO fun sesh with my accountant (Three letters: FML), I walked in while Jonah was taking a bath. I sat down next to Tricia (our nanny) and started to catch up with them.
Me: So…. tell me about your afternoon. How was it? What did you do?
J: Mommy, we already told you.
Me: Can you tell me again?
J: Why do you always check on me while I’m with Tricia? Just let us hang out. We’re fine. Geeeeee.
Tricia and I laugh.
Me: Oh, my darling…. I will check on you for the rest of your life. In 30 years from now, I’ll check on you.
J: 30???!
Me: Yep… when you’re married, with children, I’ll check on you. I’ll ask you about your day then too.
J: But, why???
Me: Because I’m your mom. And I’m jewish. And we want to know what you ate, where you ate, who you ate with, how you feel, how you felt, how you think you’ll feel and if you’re still hungry.
Jonah laughed.
J: Are you just joking?
Me: Oh, no. I’m pretty serious.
He puts his hand to his head.
J: Oh my god, mother!
And so it begins….
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  1. Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
    Hilarious dialogue with your son! He's lucky to have you for a mom.