Hi, there. You still here? Sorry. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I knoooooow.  I knoooooow.  I should be writing more. You’re right. It’s true. But trust me. TRUST. ME. I have some pretty good goddamn excuses up my sleeves. And once I’m able to share them all with you, you will forgive me. I prom. 

In the meantime, let’s talk about the UFC style bout I had this morning, trying to get Baby-Ko in the car. I have always thought the term “terrible two’s” are, well, terrible. I mean, to me, this seems like the best age ever. He looks and sounds like a little munchkin, he’s funny (like seriously, kind of witty. I swear), and his vocabulary is blossoming at warp speed. It’s a FUN age. It is…. Until it’s not. 
Baby-Ko’s “new thing” is to try to test his independence. At first it started with grabbing my keys from the table by the front door and saying “Bye, Mommy. I be right back.”  Now it’s that, PLUS, “let go of me biatch. I’m going down the stairs on my own. Seriously, lady. I mean it.” I mean, . I know that’s what he’s trying to say when he’s pushing me away on the staircase and screaming “No! I do it!” at the top of his lungs. Typically, I might actually indulge his hysteria and (while hovering) let him hold on to the railing and go down step by step, sloooowly. But on a day like today, when Mommy’s got to get to work, and the walk from the staircase to the car in and of itself could take twelve days if I let him walk on his own, I had no choice but to pick him up and take matters in to my own hands.
Yeaaah. He didn’t like that so much.  
“WAAAAALK!!! ME WALLLLK!! DOWWWWN!!!” He screamed.
“I’m sorry, Baby-Ko. We have to go. I have to go to work.”
“NO WORK!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!” He wailed as I opened the car door and the WWE Smackdown began. 
For the next ten minutes, I begged, pleaded, laughed, (and oh, did I sigh), trying to get a child with a gift for Kung Fu in to his car seat without breaking his limbs and my earrings.
“Do you want a Paci?”
“Do you want a snack?”
“Do you want to listen to the Santa Song” (Please don’t ask. He loves Raffi’s Santa Song.)
“NO, Santa. I want drive!”
“Me. Drive. I drive! Mommy Car!” 
“You… Want to drive?”
“Yeaaah, ” he finally says calmly.
I take a deep breath and try not to laugh.  “My car? You… You want to drive MY car?”
“Yeahh,” he says like ‘what’s the big deal. hand the fucking keys over and let’s do it.’
“Sorry, baby. No. Mommy’s driving. You need to sit in your seat and we need to leave.”
“NO!!!!” He flails and wails again. 
I take another deep breath and hold up his lunch box, “Want pasta?”
I was desperate (and he didn’t want pasta).
Ten minutes (and a major need for a redo of my makeup, which was now on my palms) later, we were on the road.  
It absolutely killed me to hear him sniffling and whimpering the entire way to day care, and certainly didn’t make matters any better that he lost his shit again when I handed him over to the day care workers… But what am I to do? I cannot NOT go to work and I most certainly cannot let him drive my car. So what’s the solution and when does it end? Is there a magical age that they just stop protesting for the sake of protesting or should I get used to it now because it only gets worse blah blah blah….?
Mommies with older kids, please advise…  Or send me a check for a lot of money so I never have to leave the house again.  That would work too.
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  1. Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
    Oh, this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend!

    And, I'm very glad to know that I am not the only mother out there who has to stifle a laugh (or two) while their child is throwing a demonic fit.
  2. Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
    It pains me to tell you this. Seriously. But as an honest person and a fellow mommy, I feel I must warn you: it only gets worse. Whoever coined the term "terrible twos" had never had a three-year-old.

    Now that my oldest is four, it has slacked off a teeny weeny (and I do mean miniscule) bit ... I can only pray that the "rebellious streak" continues to decline from here!
  3. Thursday, August 20th, 2009
    I think it depends on the kid. My son (almost 4) is the most happy go lucky kid I've seen. My daughter on the otherhand (6yo), I have to fight her everyday over something. She's just a complainer and always wants to whine about something.
  4. stacy
    Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
    Oh my i'm laughing so hard.. only b/c i've been there AND i am there.. One boy age almost 6- pretty good kid & so kind & loving.. not so much 4 yrs ago. My now 2 yr old.. UGH same crap- you just described my every single day getting to the car.. fight; kick; scream; punch - hell i'm exhausted by the time I get to work forget working! & yes i agree 3 is NO picnic compared to two!
  5. Alli B.
    Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
    soo funny!! Pasta in the morning ? Really J-ko??