Not sure how, when, or where Baby-Ko learned to say “Booger” but I’m thoroughly impressed and delighted. He’s come down with a little cold and when I wipe his nose, he begs, “no more boogers!” I mean… What?! How does he know that? I’m certain Elmo and his freaky side kick Mr. Noodle don’t talk about the letter “B” and say “B is for baseball, bears, BOOGERS!  We like Boogers!“…. And I know that Rachel and her hard-of-hearing friends aren’t showing kiddos at home the sign (language) for snot or boogies.  Thus, it’s safe to assume that Nanny Oof-Oof is probably responsible.  I’m not mad – It’s better than the poop shame game that had me worried. Whether it’s noises for smelly poop, names for all things nose and snot,  Mary “Bee Bee” Poppins is teaching him things, and I appreciate that. 

You know what else I appreciate? The fact that it’s Game 1 of the playoffs and Baby-Ko is able to show some Laker love. When you ask him, “Baby-Ko, who’s your favorite Laker?” he answers, “Kobe.” Brill. (It doesn’t always come out sounding like “Ko-Bee” but I know he knows the difference and means #24 and not “Duvie” our beloved cleaning lady).  He also can tell you who is favorite Dodger is: “Manny.” (As if there was ever a reason to be concerned about his love of bracelets and makeup. This kid is a sports junkie.)
Bottom line, my son’s blossoming vocabulary and discovery of the world continues to excite and amaze me– no matter how it comes out or how it sounds…..  I’m just a new(ish) mommy filled with a ridiculous amount of pride. So I apologize for my blatant bragging…. Back to wiping boogies, changing dirty diapers, and rooting for my boys in Yellow and Purple, and of course Kooobee…..
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  1. Anonymous
    Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
    Saw a link to your blog in Self magazine (nice work!) I haven't laughed that hard in a while! Thanks! My twin boys have just started watching Sesame Street but I'd never seen Mr. Noodle. Just sped through our Tivo and checked him out - hilarious! Who thinks these characters up!?!?

    Thanks for the laughs...

    -Berkeley mom