Yesterday, I stumbled upon, a website I can only assume is geared towards, duh, men. Apparently, every year they compile a list of the Top 99 women from the year. Last year, Katherine Heigl was named the No.1 Most Desirable Woman. This year, men must have been as annoyed with the dead-Denny-Duquette-sex like me, because she came in at No.81. Ouch. 

Every year, voters from all over the world are asked to look beyond sex appeal and beauty to pick women who have the characteristics they value most in a potential companion, like “intelligence, humor, charisma and ambition.” Based on those attributes, you’d think Tina Fey would come in at least top 10 right?  Nope. Tina ranked No. 97 Most Desirable Woman of 2009.  Apparently, men do like funny women. But witty sort of pales in comparison when put up next to Jessica Alba’s slammin’ post baby bod, who came in at No.15.  
Go figure. 
Some stats:  Anne Hathaway was ranked #5, while the curvaceous and gorgeous Beyonce Knowles was ranked #50. (Apparently men do not appreciate being told they’ve gotta put a ring on it).  I didn’t even see the sexy Salma Hayak  on the list and was also shocked to see Angelina Jolie coming in at #42.  New mom Halle Berry came in at #13.  Britney Spears, No. 90,  finally made it back on the list after being off since 2005 (Apparently men do not like crazy.)   I was most disappointed to see my girl crush Kate Winslet coming in dead last at #99, when someone like Anna Paquin (Seriously?!) ranked #71.
According to men, the top ten Most Desirable Women of 2009 are:
10.  Kate Beckinsale (Totally)
9.  Kristen Bell (ehh…)
8.  Rihanna  (Sure, why not…)
7.  Scarlett Johansson (Hot)
6.  Alessandra Ambrosio (Pretty)
5. Anne Hathaway (You know my thoughts on this…)
4.  Keeley Hazell (Who??)
3.  Marisa Miller (Sexy)
2. Megan Fox (Gorg.)
And the No.1 Most Desirable Woman, according to all things men is……
When I asked my husband what he thought of Eva Mendes as the Most Desirable Woman of 2009, he quickly said: “WHO?!”
Thus, it is official: I will never understand men. 

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  1. Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
    Kate Winslet is my girl crush too, but my husband doesn't find her at all attractive. My guy thinks that Cameron Diaz is hotter than hot and I find her to be, for lack of a better word, "skanky". Go figure. We don't have to understand them, but unfortunately, we do have to live with them.