Perhaps it’s because mercury’s in retrograde (I don’t even know what that means or if it’s true, but I felt like saying it), but once again the fa-fa-freeeeeeeaks were out at Target last night.  As I was dashing out of the store, I walked past a homeless man who appeared to be holding what looked like a margarita. Okaaay. Then, I heard someone talking (maybe even yelling) loudly in my direction.  I ignored it as the only thing on my mind was quickly getting home to kiss Baby-Ko.  The yelling got louder though. I turned.

An old couple that looked like they  had been plucked from central casting waved at me. “What city is this?”
“Huh?” I said, half understanding, half taken aback.
“What city is this?” 
I still didn’t answer. What?! What city are we in?! I was trying to process this odd question.
The homeless margarita man (now outside), standing with the old couple shouted:
“Oh, uh. Los Angeles…?” I said  confused. 
“Thank you!” the trio shouted back.  Odd.  Not like we’re in Podunk, Kansas. This is Los Angeles. Hollywood. Biiiiig city. But whatev…   and off I went to kiss my delicious little boy and his equally delicious dad.
Later that evening, as I devoured a delicious burger (from “Islands” thank you very much) and watched a bunch of “island” castaways try to figure out where the eff they were and why time kept changing, I realized I wasn’t the only one completely LOST…..
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