I wanted to write about my new favorite show “Whatever, Martha” on Fine Living Network- I stumbled upon this gem last week. Alexis Stewart, Martha’s daughter sits around with her friend Jennifer and watches old Martha Stewart Living segments and literally talks shit.  I mean, literally. She calls her mom uptight, sexless, makes fun of how boring and ridiculous it is… One segment she made fun of Martha’s guest who is a twine collector. Yes, twine. Anyway, the show is hilarious but what I love is that Martha Stewart is actually executive producer which means- she’s in on it. She knows her daughter is talking shit and is cashing in on it too… It’s brilliant. 

BUT, I’m not going to write about this show. Because I want to write about my new NEW favorite show, and by favorite I mean, my favorite train wreck of a show: Momma’s Boys on NBC.  It’s not the best produced show I’ve ever seen, but I don’t care. I’m hooked. WHY? Hmm. Good question. I’m not really even sure why myself. I think it’s because I can actually already understand the concern these mom’s have as their son’s go gaga over these cheesy chicks. There’s one mom in particular that’s making the ratings great because she went on camera and said she doesn’t want anyone but a “white girl” (that includes girls with “big butts” apparently) for her precious Jo-Jo. Well, much to her dismay the producers, er, her son, chose the one (black) girl in the house that she cannot stand. Game on!  
To make matters worse, her poor son can’t even get any action because his psycho mom barged in while he was making out with one of the girls. She literally made them get out of the pool and told the girl that if she wants to get on her good side, she needs to stop kissing her son. This woman is nuts but I kind of get it…. It’s her baby and suddenly, dealing with teething and temper tantrums seems alright in comparison… 
So, Baby-Ko, please stay like this forever. If not, then please don’t ever like blonde girls with lots of make up and fake boobies…. Unless you want me joining in hot tub action. And in 20 years from now, I can’t promise that’ll be pretty… 
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