There are a lot of transitions happening in the world of J-Ko right now… Transitions can be hard. I’m learning to gather strength and encouragement from within and it ain’t easy…. Learning to be your own cheerleader is definitely empowering. And at some point, I do plan on talking about these transitions. But for now, I would like to focus on one major transition… okay, well, two…  

The first is that I’m sending Baby-Ko back to day care full time. It’s a no-brainer, actually…. choosing day care over a full time nanny. First of all, a full time nanny in LA costs a friggin fortune and second, Baby-Ko is 21 months and definitely is ready for socialization. On top of it, I’m sending him to an in-home day care that has been in business for over 30 yrs, is run by A.R., one of my best friend’s mothers AND, I went there myself when I was Baby-Ko’s age. Again, no brainer. That all said, we’re transitioning him in gradually and given the fact that, well, my boy loooves him some mama, saying good-bye when I drop him off, hasn’t been easy. Each day, he’s doing better and better, but the initial “no mommy no” when I leave is definitely heart breaking. What gives me hope is how happy all the children are there, and how they all seem to play so well together…. I know he’ll be just fine.
In the meantime, I’ve bought Baby-Ko his very own potty. In fact, the rumor on the (Westside) street is that it’s a potty that Wacky endorses. It’s the Fisher Price “Cheer For Me Potty” and it apparently makes noise when the pee hits the pot. I’m not quite sure how to formally do the whole potty training thing, but I know that I will for sure not “oof off” during his poops and I won’t push it unless he shows some interest. But let me tell you, he definitely shows an interest. In fact, it’s his favorite new toy and he even dragged the Sunday newspaper in to the bathroom with him and sat down on the toilet.  (I’m not even making this up. Seriously. It was the best thing I ever witnessed, really). Anyway, little by little I will test out the waters (or urine for that matter) with the whole peeing on the potty thing. Poop is way down the road, but at least Baby-Ko will get positive reinforcement from a singing toilet, and of course a very proud mommy, encouraging him to go… 
Ahh, if only they made toilets to cheer on adults, growing up would be a hell of a lot easier….
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  1. Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
    Yes! When I try to leave Cameron, my 17-month-old, he has a horrible time and acts like he's never going to see me again. It breaks my heart. So so hard!

    Good luck with the potty training. I wish Cameron would "take the potty plunge," so to speak ... it would be ever-so-handy when the baby comes. Ah, wishful thinking. :)