I know kids get sick, but come on!!! For 6 weeks- SIX WEEKS!!!- Baby-Ko’s  had a nasty unexplained virus that’s come and gone, ebbed and flowed, and disappeared and reappeared. This past Monday, my happy baby who’s cough I thought was just “residual”, went from point a to point sick within hours. Since Monday, we’ve had a trip to Urgent Care, a trip to the ER and a trip to the doctor. The diagnosis: a bad virus and a sinus infection. He seems to be getting better, but the frustration and sadness of listening to a 13 month old snore (when they’re awake) because they can’t blow their nose and the sight of an aspirator makes him bananas (and really does nothing anyway), IS TORTURE.  

I think the hardest part about it is the guilt I feel about not being able to “cure” him with my kisses and sooth him with my voice. And it’s even harder to be away from him (at work) knowing that he’s uncomfortable in any way. I know that this is just the beginning of many,  many sicknesses and rough times, but I hope that he catches a break soon.  We’re all needing one at the ‘Ko household= especially little guy.
There is one thing though that continues to impress, amaze and make me light up throughout all of yuck: Baby-Ko’s growing vocabulary.  Earlier this week, after eating, he shrugged and lifted his hands and said “ah da” (translation: all done). The next day, he was squirming in my arms and said “dow mama” (translation: Down, mama). And the day after that, as I kissed him good bye to go to work he said, “bye-bye mama.” (Translation: unnecessary). 🙂
The point is, through all of the sleepless nights and coughing and sneezing there are joys and happy moments. I just wish we were “ah da” with the sick… Definitely ready to say “Bye-bye” to that…
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