Well, it’s only Monday but I feel like there’s already a few things that are post worthy… or not. You be the judge.
Let’s see….
1) I got my first “Your Son is Sick” call from Day Care today. Around 4pm my cell phone rang and one of the teachers at Baby-Ko’s day care told me that he felt warm and when she took his temperature, it was about 100. I quickly grabbed my stuff, told my coworkers the situation, and ran out the door to save my son. Okay, maybe he didn’t need saving, but I felt like I needed to be there as fast as I could for him. It was a textbook case of new/working mom/baby’s sick.  I have officially joined “the club.” For reals though.

2) Due to Baby-Ko suffering from a cold, or molars coming in, or a reaction to his vaccinations, or all of the above, we’re going to keep him home from day care. Of course, this is kind of problematic since we don’t have alternative day care lined up. Fortunately, my Nana has offered to come and spend the day with Baby-Ko.  We’ve decided to dub her as Nana Poppins. The best part of having her here is that we can watch Dancing with the Stars together. She thinks Cloris Leachman looks “marvelous.” I think Brooke Burke looks “ridic.”  I guess it’s all relative…
3) Last night, as I got in to bed, I realized it had been a long time since I had fallen asleep on T-Ko’s chest. I used to be able to pass out, drool, and sleep like a log on his chest. Lately, though bed time is all business. But last night, I went for the chest and found the perfect position almost immediately. Just as I started to drift off, T-Ko said, “You know, when you were pregnant, you weren’t able to do this.”
“Huh, why?” I said.
“Because of the smell…” He had showered before we got into bed. “I used this soap once when you were pregnant and I got out of the shower and you freaked out and told me that it was the worst most, perfumey, soapy scent EVER.  You told me that I smelled like Borat at a night club and you were having an allergic reaction to the smell.”
“I probably was. My nose was super sensitive when I was pregnant. Seriously.”
“”Throw it away. Immediately,’ you told me,” he said mimicking me.
“And did you?” I asked.
“Nooo.  I kept the soap.”
“You kept the soap???”
“Yeah, i kept the soap. You were pregnant. Hormonal. Nuts. I kept the soap. And tonight, I ran out of soap, and guess what I used–“
Silence. I take a deep breath. Oh, no. The soap. I seriously smell the soap.
“Oh my god, it’s horrible. I can’t believe you used the soap.”
“You would have NEVER noticed if I hadn’t said anything,” he said.
“Yeah, but now I notice and now I can’t even breath. You do smell like Borat. I feel like I’m in a department store with bad perfume. Oh my god, it’s the worst smell ever,” I say rolling over to the other side.
“You really are crazy,” T-Ko said.
“You really smell.”
“Good night. Love you.”
“Love you too. Please throw out the soap,” I say dozing off… and realizing that we really did run out of soap, and now I  too will smell like homeless gypsy. Crap.
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  1. Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
    I can relate. I have a moratorium against certain toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorant, etc. Tell your husband he's lucky its just about the soap.