The Oscars. My favorite day/night/event of the year. I want to watch it all: the pre-pre-countdown to the red carpet countdown to the “live from the red carpet”to the main event to Bawbwa making someone cry… 

Well, last year, there was no Oscar shmaltz. There was no glitz… there was no glamour… there was no gasping over her dress or his speech…  There was no honing in on every word during the best sound editing acceptance speech. There was certainly no chips, dip or champagne flowing… 
Last year, my (then) 5 month old was horribly sick with the flu and my husband and I were equally sick. IT SUCKED.
This year, THANK G-D, everyone was healthy and mommy got her groove back. We had friends over, alcohol, food galore… The menu was actually based on the region of the film; for “The Reader” I did grilled Sausages with brown mustard & saurkraut… for “Slumdog $” I did grilled Chicken Curry, vegetable samosas, nan bread… and more… 
Even though “they” said this year the Oscars would be toned down due to the recession, the celebs still sparkled and dazzled on the red carpet. There were definitely a few misses, but here’s who stood out for me:
-Angelina Jolie: Her hair was perfection and those earrings and ring were to die for. The Color! OMG, GORGE!
-Natalie Portman: Loved the color of her dress, BUT hated the beading… And she looked a little too sprayed.
-Jennifer Aniston: Did NOT like her hair – a little too “undone” for the Oscars. BUT loved the dress and loved that she was there with John Mayer!
-Marisa Tomei: Perfect from head to toe!
-Tina Fey: She looked hot! And seriously, could she be any damn funnier?!

My biggest disappointment: My girl crush Kate Winslet. HATED her hair.


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  1. Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
    I don't watch the Oscars, and had no clue it was even on. lol Sorry, I have no input here!

    But afterward, I did hear that alot of people loved Winslet.
  2. Alli B.
    Saturday, February 28th, 2009
    I'm so glad you've got your groove back! (lol.) Your "Oscars day" blog entry last year really had me worried. It's good to know you're back to yourself! Yummm -- I love the food theme idea! Absolutely Brilliant! I definitely would have ate Slumdog.

    p.s. I can't wait to read the blog for this coming Saturday :)