Is it safe to assume, that only in Los Angeles, a 4 year old comes home from (private) preschool and says that we need to build a meditation garden? Or does this kind of thing happen everywhere???

Yesterday afternoon, I asked my son what his favorite part of his school day was:

“Meditation. We med-dit-tationed.
“You meditated???”
“Yes, in the med-dit-tation garden. All of the kids in the class. We all med-dit-tated.”
“That’s nice. Why?”
“Because it calms you down. If you get angry. You can go to med-dit-tation.”
“Ah, I see.”
First of all, how lovely that his school has a meditation garden. Second of all, his school has a meditation garden. Hilarious! (If he told me there was a juice bar and an acupuncturist there, I swear I might believe him.)
Anyway, today, he marched in the door and told me WE needed to have a meditation garden. “That’s a great idea, Jonah. We can both use it.”
“Yes, mommy. When you get angry and need to calm down, you should go there… My teacher said it’s good for mommy’s too.” Yes, darling meditating IS good for moms too. In fact, if we want to really calm mommy down, let’s put a wine trough smack down in the center of it.
“Well, let’s find a place in the house to make our meditation ‘zone,'” I said.
I pulled old pillows and from the closet and moved his art easel out of his “art studio” (aka, the corner) and designated it our meditation area. Jonah ran to the area and plopped down.
“Do you feel relaxed?”
“Yep. Do you?”
“Yes. I do.”
We took a deep breath together and then decided to read a book together (though I insisted I thought meditation gardens were for being quiet. He corrected me and said meditation gardens are for “doing something quiet.” Excuse me, my little Yogi.)
In other news, remember my New Year resolutions? I’ve already broken most of course. Check out my first post for Lifetime Moms. I’ll be contributing about 2 written posts and 2 video posts weekly. (My latest one is about getting busted, Facebook style). Visit my homepage there to see the newest additions. This is one of several exciting things brewing but I’m seriously thrilled to be a part of the Lifetime Moms team. (Can I shout that from the meditation garden/corner? I’ll do it quietly. Maybe).
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