Recently, I read an article written by a guy who recounts all the glorious ways in which motherhood “improved” his wife. Aside from the fact that she kind of sounded like a total bee (before babies), he talks about how motherhood has not only softened her but has also domesticated her. She now bakes, crafts, and is totally organized.

Um. I have had the complete opposite experience. As an ACTUAL former type-a, anal retentive, utterly organized, ridiculously crafty and cute person, I’ve turned into a VIRTUALLY type-a, anal retentive, utterly organized, crafty and cute person. Meaning: It’s all in MY HEAD now. Those traits are there. Ready to emerge and shine with the right amount of time, sleep, and funds. If given a magic wand, I’m certain I’d be able to facilitate the former me with a sprinkle of mommy dust.
But alas, I can’t. I’m too engaged in a round of “Please stop running with a pen and let me put your pants on… ” or “Sure I’m a full time working mom, but yes, sign me up to bring tacos for the teachers luncheon or read books to a class in which my child is not in…. I have alllllllll the time in the world.”
In essence, what I’m saying is, most days, I’m not sure I have necessarily improved with motherhood.
(Have you?) My life on the other hand, that’s a completely different story. It’s better in every way.
Today, my sweet friend Debi of The Truth About Motherhood has asked me to share my 10 Truths About Motherhood for her 2nd anniversary. (Happy Anniversary!). I adore this woman and her blog, and am so very honored she asked me to contribute.
What’s your one truth about motherhood? Have you personally “improved” because of it?
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  1. J's Mimi
    Thursday, May 12th, 2011
    Jenny, Just read your 10, so, true! You brought tears to my eyes. Don't ever doubt that you are the best Mommy. xoxox
  2. Friday, May 13th, 2011
    I loved your truths. I don't know that motherhood has improved me persay, but I do feel like it has allowed me to find myself. I never really felt driven to do or achieve anything specific in life - no career aspirations for me, which left me just sort of adrift waiting for "my life" to actually start. being a mom is something I truly love, and better, something I feel am actually good at. And that is all we are really looking for isn't it? and of course, there is nothing like being a mom to encourage you to become a better person - after all, if you aren't your children's role model who is?
  3. Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
    Motherhood has introduced me in a very real, personal way to the word "competent." I work hard at things important to me, but not with the thought, diligence and love that I bring to motherhood. And guess what? I've discovered that I'm competent in this arena. I can schedule playdates, juggle dental appointments, organize school camping trips, cook dinner and still enjoy the sweetness of the bedtime routine.

    I carry this confidence with me in everything I do now--even the few things in my life that aren't part of being a parent.

    Thanks for your post. It's nice to take a moment to reflect on this.